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Zainab Balogun Testifies To Healing Of Ovarian Cyst

Zainab Balogun Testifies To Healing Of Ovarian Cyst

September 13, (THEWILL) – Nollywood actress, Zainab Balogun, has made public her testimony, after being healed of an ovarian cyst.

Zainab, who shared this via her Instagram page on Tuesday, September 13, detailed her journey with the disease and endometriosis.

Balogun revealed that she was diagnosed with an ovarian cyst in 2020, as well as endometriosis, and had a number of surgeries to this effect.

In 2022, she opted to go for egg freezing and during the medical evaluation, it was discovered that the cysts on both her left and right ovaries had returned and they were more aggressive.

She did a number of scabs and follow-up tests and was scheduled for surgery.

However, she joined the popular YouTube prayer meeting hosted by Pastor Jerry Eze and began believing in God for healing.

Two days before her scheduled surgery, she went for a scab and was told that the left cyst had reduced in size, while the right one had been reabsorbed; meaning it wasn’t there any longer.

She was grateful for the turn of events but believed God to do for her left ovary what He did for the right one.

She also told her doctor she was no longer coming in for surgery.

To continue with the process of freezing her eggs, she visited another doctor and he told her one of her fallopian tubes was blocked, however, he assured her that the situation was manageable with treatment and she was advised to do an MRI.

After this, she requested to know the effect the hormones that would be injected into her body during the period of egg freezing would have on the cyst on her left ovary and was told that there was no cyst, as it had disappeared.

She shared her different reports from the hospital as she thanked God for the healing.