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Tunde Ayeni Issues Disclaimer Against Paternity Mess With Daughter’s Classmate


January 18, (THEWILL) – Businessman and former Chairman of defunct Skye Bank, Tunde Ayeni, has denied reports of currently being enmeshed in a paternity scandal with Abuja-based lawyer, Adaobi Alagwu.

Issuing a disclaimer via a certain Biola Ojelade, Ayeni said there is no nexus between him and the lady. He claims to be a true family man, building and living an unblemished, exemplary life over the years.

According to him, having nurtured a robust career in the banking industry and established a good name for himself, he considers any attempt to drag his name in the mud, as an effort in futility.

Ayeni claimed never to have entertained any extramarital affairs in his life.

He also claimed never to have engaged in any abortion with the said lady or anyone else and, therefore, insists that there is no proof to establish paternity of any child or children to him outside wedlock.

In a nutshell, he claims that there is no iota of truth to the story.

And what is the story he is denying in its entirety?

A few days ago, reports emerged that Ayeni fathered a child, a baby girl, with Adaobi, who is alleged to be one of his mistresses and a former classmate of his daughter and blatantly refused to accept the child.

Adaobi was allegedly in a relationship with one of Ayeni’s very close friends, Greg Uanseru, a billionaire businessman, who plays big in the oil and gas sector but got snatched by Ayeni.

The pair reportedly met in 2019 and dated briefly, but the relationship ended at Ayeni’s prompting.

However, despite moving on with his life, Ayeni became highly traumatised on discovering that rumours of a paternity row between him and Adaobi became rife within the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja and attempted to shut down the rumour.

But a relative of Adaobi claims that at the time Ayeni dated her, it was no secret, as he flaunted her openly with no regard for his family and friends then.

The relative claimed that Ayeni was so smitten with Adaobi that he gifted her a building in Abuja, out of fear that he might lose her. He also allegedly purchased a choice property for her mother to live in.

This act of his, the relative said, allegedly drove his daughter to shame, as while his daughter was allegedly struggling, he set up a law chamber for Adaobi in Abuja.

Continuing, the relative claimed that Ayeni gifted Adaobi a multi-million-naira Range Rover from his fleet of cars and was constantly at her office, even in the full glare of his hardworking staff next block.

The relative added that Ayeni spent the last six years chasing Adaobi and that during those times, his businesses allegedly suffered.

Perhaps, a case in point is the defunct Skye Bank, which he ran aground with unpaid loans and Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company, which was almost taken over by the Federal Government over default in Loan Service Agreement.

But, Adaobi vowed to drag Ayeni through the mud until he takes full responsibility for his child, as she claims he allegedly encouraged her to get pregnant with several people as witnesses to this.

She wondered why he would want to deny the paternity of the child when as recently as early last year, she was a constant face in his home in Abuja.

According to SaharaReporters, Adaobi also revealed that many times in the past, she had actually walked out of the relationship only for Ayeni to run to her mother and other family members on bended knees to beg for her to return to him.