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Senior Royals Reveal Prince Harry Not Welcome At Father’s Coronation

January 11,Senior (THEWILL) –  Royals have revealed that Prince Harry will not be welcomed at his father’s coronationin because of the barrage of criticism levelled against his family in his new book, ‘Spare’.


According to The Sun, the royals are afraid some of their conversations might end up in a paperback edition of Prince Harry’s memoir.

However, it is unclear whether Charles will invite his younger son to the coronation, or whether Prince Harry would accept.
The Duke of Sussex launched an attempted charm of offensive while appearing on US ‘TalkBack’ show where he mocked royal protocol to promote his bestselling memoir, ‘Spare’.
His family have reportedly been taken aback and hurt by the amount of details about their lives he has divulged to the public.
A source told ‘The Sun’, “Family members are already discussing. And Edward and Anne are not left out.
“They do not want private conversations at the coronation making it into the paperback edition of ‘Spare’.
“It would be hard for Prince Harry and his family to attend the coronation after all he said”, a royal source close to the family added.
The coronation which is 16 weeks away will be a smaller affair than ever before, which is a reflection of King Charles’ ambitions for a slimmed down monarchy.
However, the palace is yet to publish plan for the ceremony and the guest lists has not yet been agreed.
Organisers said the event will reflect the monarch’s role today and look towards the future, while being rooted in longstanding traditions and pageantry.