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SDP Dismisses Purported Alliance Talks With Other Parties


January 13, (THEWILL) – The Social Democratic Party (SDP) has refuted reports that it is in alliance talks with another political party in the forthcoming general elections.

SDP said its attention was called to what it described as dishonest and illegitimate publications by one Mr Alfa Mohammed, who claimed to be speaking on behalf of the party and said their presidential candidate is in collaboration with other political parties.

National Publicity Secretary of SDP, Amb Rufus Aiyenigba, in a rebuttal on Thursday, disowned Mohammed’s claim.

“As a matter of fact, Mr. Alfa Mohammed is a complete persona non-grata in the Social Democratic Party. He is a compulsive impostor and fabricator of falsehood.

“The party had in the past, put a disclaimer on this same Mr Alfa Mohammed, a former member of the Social Democratic Party when it was first discovered that he was fond of concocting spurious, sometimes fraudulent and unfounded reports and stories.

“It was this habitual recklessness and outright disregard for decorum by Mr. Alfa Mohammed, that led to his being relieved of his position as Deputy Publicity Secretary of the party in November 2018, before he was suspended from the party in March 2019, by the National Working Committee (NWC) and later expelled by the National Executive Committee (NEC) in August 2019. His expulsion was upheld by the subsequent National Convention of the party in June 2022.

“It is true to his character for Mr Mohammed, who has not been part of any activities of the Social Democratic Party in four years, that is, since early 2019 but has intermittently pushed fabricated lies to mislead and defraud the public with the malicious intents to tarnish the reputation of targeted individuals in the Social Democratic Party or in other Party under the irrational guise that he is fabricating a “faction”.

“We note that no political party can curtail disciplined or expelled ex-members from grumbling or groaning to get noticed but faction-fabricators like Alfa Mohammed need to be called to order when their shamelessness starts to impinge on the sensibilities of the public.

“We are not interested in what has motivated Mr. Mohammed for his recklessness or how this has become his character hallmark, therefore, we formally reported his serial misinformation and misrepresentation to the Inspector General of Police in August 2022, for the Apex Law Enforcer to call him to order for “Impersonation, False Pretences and Conduct Likely to Cause Breach of Peace” and Mr. Mohammed is, indeed, under watch and investigation for criminal impersonation.

“While the Police continue with its investigation of the mischief by Mr. Alfa Mohammed, we call on all members of the Social Democratic Party nationwide and the public, in general, to disregard the reckless publications of Mr. Mohammed because they are false and malevolent and, above all, they are not in the interest of social justice or of our pursuit to combat poverty and insecurity for peace, progress and prosperity to reign in our country,” the party said.