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OPINION: Governor Ganduje As Icon Of Youth Inclusion In Governance And Development

Governor Abdullahi Ganduje of Kano State
Governor Abdullahi Ganduje of Kano State

January 18, (THEWILL) – The evolution of the Kano State Ministry of Youth and Sports Development is one of Governor Ganduje’s most remarkable and excellent performances.

Despite the high population of youth in Kano State, the Ministry of Youth and Sports Development had been marginalised for decades, either with the Ministry of Culture and Chieftaincy Affairs or with the Ministry of Information and Sports. This marginalisation of Sports with other ministries has negated its functions and the ability of the youth in Kano State to enjoy its benefits in full.

Now, the ministry functions and responsibilities include skill acquisition and empowerment, supervision and coordination of registered associations apart from different sports. But, fortunately for the teaming youth in the State, Governor Ganduje became executive Governor of Kano state because of his expertise in both politics and administration.

He created and established the Ministry of Youth and Sports Development, and this remarkable development was pronounced by the executive Governor on May 26, 2019. This good development provides an avenue for the youth to benefit from the full functions of the Ministry created for them, for their development, economically, physically, socially, and emotionally as well. Having given the youth ministry the position it deserves.

The executive Governor continues to accord priorities to this new ministry. The first priority this ministry got was its site. The Governor allocated a well-wall-fenced vast plot of land at No. 1 Commissioner Road, in Kano city. This vast land belonged to the Ministry of Environment, which was used for seedlings and the nursing of trees. The land has two blocks. One has two offices, and the other block is a store. In this one block of two offices, the Commissioner and Permanent Secretary used one as their office, while all the Directors and other Senior Officers used the other as their office.

His Excellency, Governor Ganduje, then embarked on projects for the provision of adequate offices. The projects were in two phases. The first phase was flat. It consists of a conference room, a self-contained office and a toilet. And another separate flat block, which has one self-contained office and the ministry’s secretary’s office. These two blocks were completed in the middle of 2020 and all two blocks were built to standard quality. The second phase started in the middle of this year, 2022, it is upstairs, which consists of twenty-six (26) offices and was completed and furnished at the end of November 2022.

In these 26 offices, the Commissioner and the Permanent Secretary have their offices. The offices are built on standard quality construction. The quality of these offices can be compared with the buildings of the ministries at the Audu Bako secretariat. The Governor made a good selection in the appointment of the Commissioner and a Permanent Secretary for the ministry. Comrade Kabiru Ado Lakwaya was appointed as the Commissioner and Kabiru A. Sagagi, as the Permanent Secretary.

Hon. Kabiru Ado Lakwaya was an activist and an executive council member of the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) during his university days, and he served as the Chairman of the National Youth Council of Nigeria, Kano state chapter, for three consecutive years and actively participates and heads different youth organisations at all levels – local, State and National, more specifically, at his LGA., Gwarzo, he has many associations and clubs he formed, he has vast experiences on youth aspirations and yearnings as well as the grass root political commitments.

As such, the appointment of Hon. Kabiru Ado Lakwaya as Commissioner, Ministry of Youth and Sports Development by His Excellency, Governor Abdullahi Umar Ganduje, is well deserved. Hon. Kabiru Ado Lakwaya has unalloyed commitments and the potential to take on the tasks and responsibilities of a commissionership. If one looks at why Governor Ganduje appointed Alh. Kabiru Ahmed Sagagi as the first Permanent Secretary and the one who acted as the Commissioner before the appointment of the Commissioner, it is because Ahmed Sagagi was a veteran Permanent Secretary. He served in different Ministries, including the cabinet office. Therefore, His Excellency posted him to manage this young ministry. And another hardworking person with vast experience and initiative in the person of Alh. Kabiru Sa’idu Magami, succeeded Kabiru Ahmed Sagagi, to run the administrative affairs of this young ministry, while the present icon, Permanent Secretary, Dr. Hadi Bala Yahaya, from the cabinet office, took over from Kabiru Sa’idu Magami.

Dr. Hadi definitely builds on the sound foundation he inherited from Kabiru Sa’idu Magami. Governor Ganduje posts these highly experienced Permanent Secretaries to this young ministry, to build on the solid foundation it was placed at its inception.

Certainly, Governor Ganduje created and established this young but vast ministry and posted dedicated, hardworking, and experienced Permanent Secretaries, as well as appointments and transfers of experienced and hardworking Directors and experienced Staff Officers. These postings of capable senior personnel enable the new ministry to be progressing effectively to achieve the desired goals. Once again, well done Governor Ganduje.

***Hassan Sani Gwarzo, Director, Youth Empowerment, Kano State Ministry of Youth and Sports Development.*