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Yomi Gold Now Sells Goat Meat in America

Yomi Gold
Yomi Gold

BEVERLY HILLS, May 16, (THEWILL) – Yomi Alore, popularly known as Yomi Gold, who left these shores a few years ago for the United States of America in search of the proverbial greener pastures, may have found a new calling which seems to be yielding more positive results than his acting career.

The truth is that Yomi now sells goat meat in the fabled ‘God’s own country.’  He is said to be so passionate about his new vocation that he is now jokingly being addressed as ‘Mr. Goat.’ Yomi also does not hesitate to tell whoever cares to listen that he is now a goat seller. He has even opened a social media page to fuel his hustle and he calls it “MrGoatUSA”.

Most of Yomi’s posts on social media nowadays dwell on his new business: How he moves from one ranch to another purchasing goats to be slaughtered and distributed. Based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where he plies his trade, the father of two takes delivery of his goods around neighbouring cities.

Besides selling goats, the erstwhile actor also sells chicken and cows. The news of his new trade has since generated reactions from some of his colleagues back home. Some of them have berated him for leaving his flourishing acting career in Nigeria and his job as chief executive officer of April Empire Television, a movie production and distribution company, and chose to sell goat meat in the US.