Who Are You To Tell Women To Keep Pregnancy Off Social Media? Tito Idakula, Wife Of Bez

BEVERLY HILLS, February 23, (THEWILL) – Tito Idakula, wife of Nigerian singer, Bez, has reacted to a post advising women not to showcase their baby bump on social media when they are pregnant.

THEWILLL writes that it is now almost customary for many persons and celebrities to show their pregnancy on social media before conception.

An anonymous social media user reacting to this trend had enjoined women not to follow the trend as most celebrities showing their baby bump had already conceived. According to her, exposing the pregnancy before conception may lead to losses.

Reacting, Idakula took to her Instagram account on Tuesday saying that there are women who hid their pregnancies and suffered painful losses, and also those who went public with theirs and had healthy babies.

According to her, what such posts does, is make families who have experienced painful losses take the blame.


“I had to bring this here to address something. This is putting blame on families who have experienced painful losses. Everyone has a CHOICE. Many people hid their pregnancies and still had painful losses. Many share and have beautiful healthy babies. Simi even announced her pregnancy and inspired so many women to find joy during a sensitive season. That she chose not to announce the birth of her baby was her CHOICE, same with Adesua.

“Everything is a choice but messages like these are subtly placing blame on people who are already grieving and struggling with guilt in one way or the other. Please let us STOP IT! It is hardly EVER a woman’s fault when she has a miscarriage or a baby loss and that is something doctors always say! Please please please, if we can’t be supportive or encouraging, let us just keep these opinions that are filled with blame and shame to ourselves!

“Thank you!”