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What’s Up With Mo Abudu And Her Bestie, Marian Omatsone?

Abudu & Omatsone
Abudu & Omatsone

September 20, (THEWILL) – Media entrepreneur, Mo Abudu and one of her best friends, businesswoman, Marian Essien, (Omatsone) are currently not on speaking terms. This was further amplified by Marian’s conspicuous absence at Mo Abudu’s recent 57th birthday party. While some defended her absence because she was not in town, others felt there was more to it than meets the eye, especially because they always made out time to be together in the past, regardless of how tight their schedules were. Besides, Marian didn’t celebrate Mo on her birthday nor did she congratulate her on the opening of her Chinese restaurant, Jinja, which coincided with her birthday.

While the last public post made by Mo Abudu was in February, on Valentine’s day precisely, where she appreciated ‘her bestos’ in a post and wished them Happy Valentines day, Marian’s last post was six days ago where she took a dig at her erstwhile bestie and her birthday party. In the post, she wrote, “Don’t blame a clown for acting like a clown, blame yourself for going to the circus. I got wise. I ain’t going to the circus no more. #lagosisfullofactors.”

In the past, the former best friends who suffocated their social media followers with the ‘uniqueness’ of their friendship, both shared a lot of things in common. Their first offspring are married, they are both prosperous grandmothers – Mo Abudu as an entertainment entrepreneur via her Ebony Life Place and movie productions and Marian as a successful dealer in office furniture via her Madisonjay Furniture and fashion business. They have also been quite supportive of each other, celebrating each other’s milestones. But today, all that has gone with the wind. So deep is their quarrel that many speculate that it could be as a result of a business deal gone wrong or about a suitor.  All efforts by their famous friends to get them to reconcile with each other has proved abortive.