THEWILL Editorial: Adeosun And Government’s Deafening Silence On Alleged Certificate Forgery

BEVERLY HILLS, July 27, (THEWILL) – The shocking allegation that the Finance Minister, Mrs. Kemi Adeosun evaded the compulsory National Youth Service Corps, NYSC, and forged a Certificate of Exemption, usually given to persons who meet certain requirements, that she clearly did not meet, is too serious to be overlooked by this administration that rode to power on anti-graft and accountability.

Its been more than three weeks since online news website, Premium Times made the claim in a news report but the Minister has blatantly refused to comment on record on the allegation.

More worrisome is the federal government’s unwillingness to quickly address the issue and put it to rest.

Amidst the waiting game, the NYSC, which the presidency asked to probe the matter, issued a statement confirming that the Minister did apply to be exempted from service but was silent on whether her request was approved. It said it would conduct further investigation to determine that.

THEWILL, like many Nigerians are skeptical of government’s and the NYSC’s sincerity on this matter. There have been instances in the past where “government investigations” turned out to be cover-ups.

Adeosun’s certificate forgery allegation is a very serious matter and should not go unanswered considering that the federal government is yet to formally respond to claims that the WAEC credentials of the head of the Special Presidential Investigative Panel for the Recovery of Property, Mr. Okoi Obono-Obla is a fake.
THEWILL warns that Nigeria cannot continue on this path. Officials and the governments that they represent must be answerable to the people to justify public confidence in the system.

It is baffling that President Muhammadu Buhari, a self-styled moralist, is unconcerned about these serious claims going by his usual aloofness on allegations of impropriety against his core aides.

Buhari and his ruling party, the All Progressives Congress, APC, must walk the talk and begin their change mantra from themselves otherwise the joke will be on them and not Nigerians when history is written.

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