Texas Winter Storm: Basketballers Harden And Jordan Offer Palliatives

BEVERLY HILLS, February 22, (THEWILL) – The State of Texas in the US, the second largest by both area and population, which had suffered torrential winter storm, rolled into full-blown recovery mode on Sunday. At its most powerful peak, the storm left more than 4 million in the dark and almost half the state’s 29 million people under boil-water advisories. More than 70 deaths were linked to the intense cold and damaging storms that swept through the State last week.

Basketball players James Harden and DeAndre Jordan, who both play in Brooklyn for the Nets, have deep ties to Houston, Texas. And with the State gripped by a power disaster brought on by the winter storm, the two Nets veterans did not forget or forsake their origins.

The pair have put some efforts, personal and with other helping hands, to assist with relief and humanitarian efforts in that city. Harden won the past three scoring titles he has playing shooting guard for the Houston Rockets while Jordan is a Houston native and went to Texas A&M University.

Harden, who only moved out to Brooklyn in January this year, said: “I have phone calls literally every day, all day trying to impact the city because they’ve shown me so much love and respect in the time that I was there.

“So, I’ve called Houston home. It’s devastating obviously. It’s probably worse than the hurricane because we just don’t know how many people were affected, not having electricity not having power and aren’t able to eat.”

He has been collaborating with Body Armour to ship in drinking water. This is meant to support the work he is also doing with plumbing companies that are patching up burst pipes to restore state-wide water supply. In addition, has has been on the phone with Houston mayor Sylvester Turner, getting more information on the help needed.

“I’ve been in contact with the mayor, mayor Turner. Just so many people that I’ve known that are able to help while I’m not there. Obviously, this is a huge problem but I try to impact and help as much as I can while I’m out there.”

Harden added: “And I’ll continue that. It won’t stop because there’s so many people that’s been affected that I can’t stop.”

For Jordan, family members reside in the area that was impacted. Even though they are all safe now, he has also aided in humanitarian efforts for his hometown in their period of crisis.

He believes it is a valuable opportunity to lend a hand in every way possible: “Just for people’s lives to be a little bit easier, anyway that James and I can help we’ve been doing things behind the scenes as much as possible.

“Just getting resources to a lot of the people out there whether we’re there or not, just being able to help a human being out during a time like this is something we both value,” Jordan said.

“I think everybody was affected regardless of your situation out there in Texas as a whole. My family definitely was very fortunate in this time but like I said they had some times where it was tough for a little bit but everything is getting better there at the moment.”

As it stands, the peak has passed and the warmth is returning gradually. Texans can now hope the errors that almost brought about the Ice Age on them will be addressed so that what AccuWeather, the media company that provides commercial weather forecasting services worldwide, described as “one of the stormiest weather patterns in decades” does not happen again.