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PDP Chieftain Makes Case  for Itu Federal Constituency

Akwa Ibom
Senator Anietie Okon

November 22, (THEWILL) – The pioneer national Publicity Secretary of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Senator Anietie Okon, has opined that the governorship position in Akwa Ibom State should be zoned to Itu federal constituency in 2023.

The chieftain made his stand known on Monday in Uyo while reacting to arguments, particularly among members and supporters of his party, over micro-zoning the governorship position in the state.

According to him, since the two other federal constituencies, Uyo and Etinan, have each produced persons for the position, it is only fair and just for the party to zone the governorship to Itu federal constituency.

He maintained that he strongly believes all state actors would support the agitation for the next governorship slot given the role the constituency has played in the emergence of their sons.

He said, “All we are saying is that the 2023 governorship should be zoned to Itu federal constituency, because looking at it, other federal constituencies in Uyo Senatorial district have had their turn. And we do not lack people of capacity from Itu federal constituency.

“I believe in zoning of the position because the zoning principle has been what laid the foundation of political stability and sense of inclusion in Akwa Ibom state. I am saying that under the Uyo Senatorial district, this is the only federal constituency that has not produced a governor.

“There was Late Akpan Isemin from Etinan Federal constituency, then came Victor Attah from Uyo federal constituency. Now after Victor Attah it will be only proper that Itu federal constituency should produce a governor, for equity, justice and fairness. The is the message the

“We know that the people of Uyo Senatorial district are decent and think clearly, and in any case Itu federal constituency has men with the capacity to lead the state to better times. We don’t want to be involved in whatever argument anybody is putting up”.

Responding to a question on what the people of his constituency are doing to get the entire state to support their agitation, Senator Okon said, “Thank God, democratic processes are open and obvious, and there are people of integrity in the various areas.

“I believe that all the state players will look at Itu constituency and the role the area has played in the emergence of their sons. So it is not an issue to be debated now, when the right time comes we will shout the message.”