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Patrice Evra Reacts To Manchester United’s Loss, Says ‘Many Players Need Slap Right Now’

Patrice Evra | Photo Credit: DAILYPOST

BEVERLY HILLS, October 05, (THEWILL) – Former France International and Manchester United wing back, Patrice Evra, has berated the performance of players of his former club, over the humiliating 6-1 defeat against Tottenham Hotspur at Old Trafford on Sunday, saying some players need to be slapped.

The ex-player, turn pundit expressed his sadness as he analyzed the performance of the players on Sky Sport.

Although, the Reds had a great start with Portuguese midfielder, Bruno Fernandes, converting a spot kick, it was the visiting team that would later carry the day as Tottenham dominated and scored six.

Speaking on the embarrassing defeat, an infuriated Evra said: “What’s going on with my club? What’s going on right now?

“I’m really emotional. It’s difficult to talk – a man like me I’m a positive person.

“I don’t promote violence, but many people need some good slap right now in the team.

“That’s what I would do right now if I’m working for the club…

“I know you laugh, but I really don’t wanna laugh right now. I’m really, really angry.”

The former defender also commented about his punditry job at Sky Sports.

He said: “Alexis Sanchez made a comment. He said when he signed for United at his first training session he asked his agent to end up his contract.

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“That’s what I’m going to ask of Sky. I really would like to end my contract with Sky.

“Because it’s my second game, I’m a positive person and I never want to talk about United because when you tell the truth it can hurt and I’m passionate and I love my club.

“I know you have to have some filter when you talk on TV, but it’s a shambles…

“No-one has any excuse, they let down all the United fans.

“And I don’t care about the result because I’ve been beat 6-1. It’s just about every year it’s the same story.

“I feel now what all the United fans [feel]. That’s why I’d prefer to comment on different games than the United games if I keep working for Sky.”