Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA)

Donald John Trump for starters. And the Grand Old Party (GOP) otherwise known as the Republican Party. Plus Wall Street. Add the big banks. You might include the top 1%.

Hmmm! This sounds like the big guys! Yes, they are.

Why will anybody be afraid of Elizabeth Warren? Mrs. Warren at 5’8’’ and lean is probably on the petite side and therefore not menacing. If she stands or sits down among 10 women and they crossed their legs, she will not be threatening. She will look just like an old mother. And no more. But once Ms. Warren opens her mouth, whoa! The vision, the brains, the courage, the emotion, the desire to make America and the world work for everybody come through. You find out why a woman of such humble beginnings became a Harvard professor. Towering personality, beauty, sex, etc. do not a Harvard professor make. Brains do. And she has plenty of it.

President Donald Trump has good enough reason to be afraid. Ms. Warren’s guts are what makes Mr. Trump tremble on his knees and feet. As a Presbyterian Trump is aware of the battle between David and Goliath. Goliath Trump 6’3’’ and about 240 lbs. knows what brains can do. It tells David where to use his sling shots to bring down the battle trained Goliath. She is like the other fearless woman, Nancy Pelosi, who wants The Donald in jail. She is coming after him with slings and arrows and this goliath needs to tumble down for his crimes against women, people of color, immigrants, and the poor. He earned it.

As for the Republicans, their fear of Warren is because they want the status quo to remain: male dominated work force, unequal pay for equal work; segregated schools, cities and hospitals; a world where women are just play things for men. They love a gerrymandered neighborhoods so that they would keep their powers and rule as was done in Apartheid South Africa, minority rule. They get 3 million votes less than democrats but become president, control State Houses with millions of votes less, unequal representation just like an unequal pay.

Big Banks know why they fear Mrs. Warren. She has taken them by the horns. Fearless Elizabeth has brought down the likes of the CEO of Wells Fargo Bank and did not even blink any eye while doing it. She helped craft the Consumer Protection Agency which would protect consumers from the cunning efforts to enrich the banks at the expense of the poor and illiterate. And at the expense of Main Street. No one can be more dangerous.

Well Wall Street! Wall Street is what it is. Wall Street does as Wall Street does. But they will do it if Mrs. Warren is on the sidelines, but if per chance she is the president, the Street will be cut down to the size of Main Street. That is why Wall Street is making sure that Mrs Warren remains on the sidelines. But they feel threatened by presidential candidate especially when she reports almost 20 million dollars from grass roots with just $28.00 average. This represents millions of donors. It is worth fearing.

The Top 1% feels pressure for they can see that they have been outnumbered. In America it is one person one vote, so every one vote they cast there are 99 others cast for liberals like Mrs. Warren and they hate that ratio and they hate Warren for trying to organize the 99%. They have a very good reason. What to do? Blackmail comes to mind. They contribute more to the likes of Trump. Buy advertising. Buy some weakened democrats. Support gerrymandering. Pack the Supreme Court. Fight for dear life.

And what should Warren do? She must continue the good fight for the poor, the immigrants, women, and the oppressed everywhere. Fight for students whose college loans are preventing from getting on with their lives. And teachers who must get a second job to stay afloat and for the down and out. Persisting in these fights might elect her the president of United States and the world will behold a new day.

It is in the interest of everybody, the world that works for everyone.

*** Benjamin Obiajulu Aduba lives in Boston, Massachusetts.

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