It has become absolutely imperative to bring to your attention the nefarious activities of some persons in the oil-rich Ugborodo community since the issue of the siting of the proposed mult-ibillion dollar Gas, Petrochemical and Fertilier plant at Ogidigben town for purely selfish reasons.

As the Chairman of the Delta State Waterways Security Committee, DWSC, I am under obligation to ensure peace and tranquility in our coastal communities including my own Ugborodo community in Warri South-West council area of the state. I am also obliged to avert incidences of illegal oil theft and the consequent pollution of our waters and devastation of the vegetative and aquatic lives.

In the course of this arduous and very hazardous task in the creeks, we are confronted with all manners of obstacles from all sides of the divide as we have caused so many people to undergo security checks and even put a stop to their once flowing business. People have also taken on us severally and vicariously through false allegations and frivolous petitions with the intent to bring us down or at least get us out of their way.

Some have even taken us to court an when it was time to prove their allegations in the same court, they would be nowhere to be found because they are aware that all the relevant security agencies have investigated their spurious and frivolous petitions and found them to be baseless and unfounded.

Otumara Killings

Sir, you will recall that sometime in November 2012, three persons namely Gift Bazuaye, Stephen Enase and Andrew were gruesomely murdered at Otumara near Chevron flow station. The matter was reported widely and investigated by the security agencies. The corpses of the deceased were brought to the Central Hospital, Warri. While some of the known murderers fled and disappeared into thin air, their sponsors tried all within their powers and succeeded in perverting the course of justice after their tricks to deceive the general public failed. Then it was said that the matter is a community one that would be so settled.

Oil theft

Following massive oil theft, illegal oil bunkering and refining, the state government warned every oil bearing community to desist from the illegal act. It was clearly stated that any community found to be engaged tacitly in the illicit business would be severely punished while their leaders would also be dealt with. The war has been on and has been quite successful to a very large extent. This no doubt is causing a lot of disquiet among the saboteurs who are now even more desperate in the execution of this national economic sabotage.

As an activist, philanthropist and businessman of no mean repute with a penchant for standing for the truth at all times at the risk of my life, I have decided to help my community by ensuring that illegal oil bunkering business that is polluting our land is brought to a stop no matter whose ox is goared.

Sadly though, it is the characters that perpetrated the Otumara killings that are also behind the oil theft business in the Ugborodo axis, actively supported by some very key and prominent indigenes who, for whenever they are caught in their criminal act, would be the first to cry blue heaven and make frivolous allegations against other members of the community perceived to have the capacity to stop their nefarious activities.

I was recently accused of killing a non-existent person by this same group of misfits in the Escravos river while in truth, I was far away in Lagos doing my business. In the course of their illegal bunkering, one of my workers apprehended them and handed them over to men of the 3rd Battalion Barracks, Effurun. Their sponsors-in-Chief are still pleading with me to let them off the hook till date as if I am the security people who is investigating their case.

Instead of facing the consequences of their unbridled greed for quick money through cutting corners, they have chosen to attack my person as Chief Ayirimi Emami, Chief Thomas Ereyitomi and even the Delta State Governor, Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan in spite of our good intensions for the good people of Ugborodo community. I am not an advocate for Chief Ereyitomi, I still believe he is one of the very best to represent the Ugborodo people anywhere.

I make bold to say so because, in every committee, whether the one inaugurated by these same selfish characters or the one set up by the state government, Chief Thomas Ereyitomi’s name always feature. This constant nomination to credible positions attest the sterling qualities that stand him out in the community. There must be something unique in him

Causes of the current problem.

In Ugborodo, it would appear as though it has become fashionable for some people to foment trouble and also be the first to raise false alarm thereafter as smokescreen to cover their evil tracks. What the people must know about the multi-billion dollar Ogidigben Gas, Petrochemical and Fertiliser plant is that the site for the project is the exact location/area and base for the refining of stolen crude and other nefarious activities.

With the warning by Chief Thomas Ereyitomi-led Trust that all illegitimate businesses capable of bring the wrath of government against the people and community must stop, all those in the line of oil theft who where before now his supporters have turned against him and are the ones threatening to remove his leadership in the belief that they voted for him and cannot now be punished for any reasons no matter how genuine. Thus, by their own understanding, their only means and sources of livelihood is being threatened by the proposed project that would benefit the whole country. These are the people fomenting all the troubles in Ugborodo community with some of them hiding under the cover of the Spiritual head of the community, Mr. Benson Dube Omadeli, the Olaja-Orori of Ugborodo.

Arrest of Spiritual Head of Ugborodo

A few day ago, following reports I made to the Police, Army and the Navy authorities as the Chairman of the Delta Waterways Security Committee, DWSC, regarding illegal oil bunkering activities and impersonation in Ugborodo, the Navy swooped on the community and arrested four persons. Three of them were for oil related business while the fourth person, Mr. Benson Dube Omadeli, was arrested for ordering the torture to coma of one Lucky Tsewano by one of his boys, Mr. Mike.

Let me state here that Mr. Dube Omadeli is neither a traditional ruler, king nor monarch of any known kingdom in Iwereland. He is only the Chief priest to an Ugborodo deity but goes about with complimentary cards to various companies addressing himself as a monarch. He is the one giving unwarranted support to some of these dubious elements in Ugborodo community. His posing as a king in Itsekiri land is a threat to the peace and security of Iwereland that is capable of snowballing into a serious crisis of unfathomable consequences. As a security aide to the governor in the riverine communities, I am under obligation to report him and prevent the trouble in the offing. These are the reasons why he was arrested by the security agents and nothing more.

As a matter of fact, this same Benson Omadeli went on the internet to state that I was the one that killed that non-existent youth earlier mentioned above and even addressed newsmen to that effect in an incident that did not happen, all to rubbish my hard earned reputation. That in itself is criminal. The security agencies have investigated the false alarm and found it to be untrue.