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Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintri
Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintri

It is worth commending the efforts of the Governor Ahmadu Fintri, of Adamawa State towards uplifting the state to an enviable position in the last two years of his ascension of the mantle of leadership of the state. The Governor Ahmadu Fintri, should be counted among the people that governed the state and performed wonderfully well to the admiration of the people of the state.

But with the support he has given to split the Jimeta District into different districts, his popularity in the eyes of the people and their perception about him has greatly nosedived. The action is going to divide the once peaceful and cohesive district where the people of are living peacefully without any kind of rancour and acrimony for century.Splitting Jimeta District into two or three districts will no doubt spell doom for the district as well as bring about distrust among the people of district, that are made of different tribes and also bring to the front burner religion difference between the Muslims and the Christians.

The sad reality of Nigerian politics undoubtedly portrays a system that is under the siege by the actions and inactions of the leaders. The Governor Ahmadu Fintri, should not have supported the splitting of the district even if the Adamawa Emirate Council intended to do so.

Splitting the Jimeta District will put an additional burden on Yola-North Local Government with the little allocation going into the coffers of the council in running its day to day activities. It is inconceivable at this material time to get the district splitted or divided.

If the district is splitted, it will generate a strong bad blood between the inherents of the two major religions as well as set in motion the digging of hatred amongst the followers of the two major religions in Jimeta.

The city of Jimeta is cosmopolitan in nature with divergent ethnic nationalities living in peace and harmony for years.

It quite seems that the Governor Ahmadu Fintri, if he is supporting the split of the district, is ultimately killing himself and his party completely.

The dignity and honor in the eyes of the people of Jimeta on the Governor Ahmadu Fintri, since his ascension on the throne two years ago is eroding by the day because of the tacit support he has for the splitting of the Jimeta District. The people are expecting people oriented projects and programmes which will impact positively on their lives in Jimeta rather than doing what may put them asunder in their lives with the split of the district.

Splitting the district along tribal and religious lines will no doubt exacerbate intolerance among the people, who today see each other as brothers and sisters.

It is imperative for those that matters to urgently advise the Governor Ahmadu Fintri, to shove aside the splitting of the Jimeta District for the purpose of cohesion and oneness among the people as well as lessen the burden of Yola-North Local Government in maintaining the districts if created.

Presently the district is made up of eleven wards, if splitter into two it mean, that Gwadabawa, Yelwa, Ajiya, Rumde, Alkalawa and Limawa wards will be predominantly inhibited by the Muslims and Nassarawo, Luggere, Karewa, Doubeli and Jambutu wards will be inhibited by the Christians. This is not good to create districts along religious divides.

A stitch in time saves nine.

By Usman Santuraki

Public Affairs Analyst

No 2 Santuraki, Close Demsawo Jimeta-Yola