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Over time, germs, seeds and eggs evolved into organic life forms. Some adopted metamorphosis and some, stereotypical progression.

At birth, goats, cows and human beings bear their parents’ main features more or less, hence people could say the new born is a goat, a cow or a human being. Same applies to birds whereby the eggs hatch and the young resemble their parents.

Creatures with three developmental stages have incomplete metamorphosis. Those with four stages have complete metamorphosis.

Humans observing the step by step order keenly can help the evolutionary processes. Otherwise, they hinder them. Thus some children open a cocoon and regret the mess in their hands.

At maturity, creatures produce their kinds, but some species serve as couriers and then go extinct. Creatures with full metamorphosis devour recklessly at pupae/caterpillar stage in readiness to reproduce and ensure their species continuity.

Cowry was the first form of money, followed by brass, copper, silver and gold. The last four are called commodity money because they are commodities that can be traded on their own. Following the gold standard are fiat currencies.

In spite of holding the largest gold stocks, the United States of America did not have enough to meet her economic potential by the late 1960s. Either discard the gold standard or be stuck with its limitations, hence dethronement was inevitable. Some developed nations hated the US move, but sensing that fiat currency is the way forward, they followed suit.

Cowry, the starting point of money, represents egg. Commodity money is larvae, while fiat currencies signify pupae stage at which governments more or less went to town: currencies depreciation.

Now enter digital money signaled by cryptocurrencies. Fourth in the money evolution process that marks a complete metamorphosis, the moment of decision also comes: reproduce each of its kinds or risk extinction.

Money must have intrinsic value or it is worthless. The cowry’s value is based on decoration/beautification items and commodity monies have their inherent/internal values.

Cowries didn’t have uniform value, just as commodity monies. The South African, Ghanaian, Brazilian or Russian gold don’t have the same values. Fiat currencies, likewise, do not have uniform value, be it the dollar, Pound sterling, Euro, etc. Genuine money has intrinsic value.

Where do cryptocurrencies base or derive their values from? Sorry, Cryptos have no intrinsic value. None.

Money has life and has been growing for ages. Now at maturity and set to produce its kinds, where would they derive values from or otherwise turn worthless and toxic?

Hundreds of millions of people have no value because they have no money, yet the greatest assets on earth are humans and the most efficient means of exchange. Human beings have intrinsic values and can, indeed, add value to themselves and others if given the opportunity.

Money reproducing each its kind bases on and derives value from citizens. No two nations or people have the same value. The basic values of Americans, Germans, Nigerians or Chinese are not the same, but no person/citizen of a nation is worthless. A minimum value is fundamental and imperative.

Money belongs to the people and their value depends on the people. Mechanisms to effect minimum value for citizens – liberty from servitude, which fiat money should engender, were unavailable.

The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is national productivity and consumption. Both are together. Producers without consumers are wasted labour. If the doctrine of consumerism is true, the greater contributors to GDP are consumers.

Value separates citizens from slaves, but slaves have no value except what their owners give them.

Poverty is politics, not economics.

For millennia, some people undermine others, including persons dear to them while claiming they have their best interests at heart. Men looked down on women, including their mothers out of conceit, deceit and depravity.

For centuries, people have sidelined others maliciously and purposely. Apartheid is dead or is it?

COVID-19 has shown one thing among others: borders do not separate people as such, but something separates humanity for real: money!

Money is a human creation. Scientific money making is an integral part and the last stage which is basic to UBI. The founders of money knew the stages down to the end.

The universal sharing of part of the GDP is based on producers and consumers joining hands in national wealth creation. Every child, youth, woman and man who helped to produce the commonwealth is therefore heir to the GDP.

For millennia, the making of money has been a speculative business, but science must come into play to make the difference: end poverty.

Patent application for scientific making of money has been on hold for two years, but the elements, algorithm and principles are solid.

Why everyone needs money and deserves a simple answer: ‘Money is necessary; so, it must be available, affordable, accessible and safe being characteristics of necessities.’ Food, shelter, water, etc. are necessary. Without science, however, humanity would suffer severe deficiencies.

Necessity is the mother of invention and everything has time and season. When the time for the masses to have the Bible came, it happened despite bitter obstructions and when the time for vehicles, telephone, computers, etc. for everyone came, they became reality against great odds.

The future of money is digital, inclusive: metamorphosis of money.

*** By Anokwuru Richard Anyamele