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Dr. Obadiah Mailafia

Dear sir, writing you this letter comes impromptu. Sir, this morning, I had planned to offer commentary on any topical issue of the Nigerian state just as you often do through your column and other fora. But having read your article titled, “notes from the underground”, I decide to write you this open letter to empathize with you amid your current travails in the hands of the DSS and to also employ you to remain steadfast while your current ordeal lasts.

Before I set out to write this letter sir, I had wished to write on the hoopla and ruckus generated by the extra judicial killing of Terwase Akwaza aka Gana by the Nigerian Army not necessary to put up defense for Gana but, where I will have had to among other things, condemn the penchant attitude of the Nigerian security agencies for extra judicial killings and also state the position of our laws in respect to extra judicial and conclude by drawing our attention to omnibus security threats extra judicial killing is capable of breeding.

Sir, all of these were jettisoned after reading your article titled, “notes from the underground” vide your column: the Scenario published by the Vanguard newspaper. Sir, I, like other avid readers of your column will continue to pray for your safety while the DSS’ incessant invitation lasts. Pray works wonder and it has long been proven sir. I’ m not a prayer warrior but for your sake and for the sake of peace in our country I will have to be one sir.

Sir, the little I know about you via the media and your good intentions for our beloved country is enough for me to empathize with you on your current ordeal in the hands of the DSS ever since you made the claim that a serving northern governor is a commander of the murderous Boko Haram which has in the past eleven years posed a big security threats to our dear country.

In earnest sir, I felt your fears as entrenched in your article referred above. But be assured that you will not die before your time. For your sake all Pharaohs will meet their Waterloo sir. As you honor the DSS invitation today sir, take solace in the powers of God. Mailafia sir, don’t be cowed; stand firm sir. Be assured that the prayers of the good people of Nigeria are with you sir.

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Sir, many patriotic Nigerians like you had passed through your current ordeal just to keep our beloved country together. So sir, don’t chicken out sir. God stands for the oppressed. He stood for the children of Israel and All pharaohs met their Waterloo. He has been standing by you and he will invariably stand by you sir. Go there and tell them what you know by your claim that a serving northern governor is a commander of the murderous Boko Haram; and Heaven will not fall sir.

*** Musa Isa Nesta, a concerned citizen, is a 300 level student at the Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma.He can be reached @09032381018.