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Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintri
Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintri
It is not an understatement, to say, that there has been a purposeful leadership at the Adamawa State Board of Internal Revenue. The last four years have been an eventful one at the board  due to the foresight and ingenuity of the Chairman of the board, Alhaji Hamman Adama Njabari, who was appointed by the former Governor, Senator Muhammad Bindow Jibrilla, and later reappointed by the present Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintri on his ascention after the 2019 elections.
Upon his ascention as the Chairman of the board, he embarked on an aggressive turn around on the revenue generation in the board by putting the right personnel. This was done in order to complement the allocation of the state from the Federal Allocation as well as block the leakages hitherto being explored by corrupt personnel.
He put in highly professional and skilful personnel, who are versatile in tax administration in the right places in the board. This has greatly yeilded great results in every ramifications. His experience and sagacity in tax administration is quite legendary because he always have it in mind, to put the qualified hands in the right place.
This greatly helped in no small measure in turning around the revenue generation of the state under the Governor Ahmadu Fintri’s administration.  No wonders, the board received accolades from the administration. The Chairman of the board, Alhaji HammanAdama Njabari, in any given assignment does it without any blemishes.
One unique quality associated with him is he was able to make himself available, whenever he was given assignment. This is what he carried out in the last four years as the Chairman of the Adamawa State Board of Internal Revenue.
But since his appointment the in the last four years, positive changes have become noticeable in large scale institutional reforms which rolled the Adamawa State Board of Internal Revenue into a more efficient organ of generating revenue for the government.
For the first time, transparent electric windows to rule out sharp mal-practices saddled with the responsibility of generating revenue with the introduction of direct payment for vehicle registration  online as well as application for driver’s license.
The feat recorded is attributed to the increased adoption of technology and steady blockage of leakages within the tax administration system in the state. And it has paid off well for the state.
The past four years, the board witnessed a great transformation with the erection of a conducive offices to ease the problem of lack of office in the day to day running of the board. It is to his credit, The construction of additional office accommodation in the premises of the board today.
This was done in order for the workers of the board put in more effort for effective and efficient service delivery. Operational vehicles were purchased to ease the problem of lack of transportation if, there is any work to be done in the board. Staff of the board stationed at the liaison office in Abuja and Lagos were greatly motivated with prompt payment of their allowances. One of the remarkable landmark was the resulotion of confidence passed by the Adamawa State House of Assembly on the Chairman for increasing the internally generated revenue of the state in the past four years, which enabled the government of Governor Ahmadu Fintri to deliver the much touted dividend of democracy to the people of the state.
It is not an exaggeration, to say the present Chairman, is the right thing to happen in the history of the board. He is an all rounder, who is trying his possible best at this material, that government at all levels are exploring avenues to tapped revenue to complement it with their scarce resources at their disposal to provide good governance.
The present administration of Governor Ahmadu Fintri, is tapping from his wealth of experience in tax administration and he is the types, that should be encouraged in public service. He has so far removed any obstacles hitherto depriving the government from getting substantial revenue base. It is therefore imperative for the government to encourage the Chairman and his able lieutenants, who are helping him to generate revenue for the government to be in position of delivering the dividend of democracy.
Santuraki is a Public Affairs Analyst, from No. 2 Santuraki Close, Demsawo, Jimeta-Yola, Adamawa State.