The Emir of Gwandu, and the Chairman Kebbi Council of Chiefs, Muhammadu Bashar has blamed homosexuals for the problem of insecurity in Nigeria. In his Sallah message, the Emir said: “The society today is bedeviled by cases of rape, homosexuality, lesbianism, kidnapping and rampant killings which resulted in the present insecurity Nigeria is faced with”.

So, homosexuality and lesbianism are the cause of attacks and killings across the nation? Really?

I mean, how did the Emir arrive at this odious conclusion? What is the connection between homosexuality and security challenges in the country? How is homosexuality causing insecurity? Are gays and lesbians behind the Boko Haram attacks? Are homosexuals the herdsmen or the Myetti Allah militants who are waging a murderous campaign against innocent Nigerian citizens? How are sexual acts between same-sex individuals fueling attacks, killings, and insecurity?

If the Emir is afraid of speaking truth to power, he should leave homosexuals alone. If the Emir is unable to hold the government accountable and responsible for insecurity in the country then he should stop scapegoating sexual minorities. He should desist from inciting violence against innocent persons who have nothing to do with the security challenges in the country. Emir of Gwandu needs to heed the advice from President Buhari who, in his Sallah message, urged Muslims to eschew extremism, hatred and indiscriminate violence. Emir ought to avoid making homophobic statements and giving Islam a bad name. He should use the Sallah message to foster love, peace, and respect for all persons. Homosexuality is not a vicious act. Lesbianism is not criminal behavior and should not be placed on the same box as kidnapping and murder.

So, Emir of Gwandu, do not blame homosexuals because they have no connection with the security challenges that Nigeria is facing at the moment. Salaam!

Written by Leo Igwe.