There’s a chance that the reason lots of smart minds attacked the Christian Faith – from the Renaissance was the hold of the Church on intellectual exploration and progress.

The Church allowed for whatever it didn’t deem heretic, stymying everything else.

This may have added to hate of the Faith by some, questioning and disbelieving everything.

At worst, the Church didn’t hate scientific progress, but can be said to be an aspect for scientific ethics, focused on checking antagonism against Jehovah.

Over the last dozens of decades, scientific ethics have spread. There are currently tons of overkill in science and technology, far away from known or perceived ethical boundaries.

As knowledge increases and wanders, the world would come to a point of wish that walls of scientific ethics were properly specified, before what is possible to build, experiment or deploy.

There is so much going on in many places – in the name of science and technology, that are crude wickedness and beyond.

Some trickle out, some will be known in future, but danger, as a result of negative ethics, is rife.

Although ethical slips don’t often make world headlines, the problems of the world on the headlines are super viscous.

It is hard to place why the world has achieved so much progress yet problems are spiking.

The top of those problems don’t have Christianity. So why is a lot of atheism against the Christian Faith, if it’s not a world problem?

There have been mistakes, many really costly, made at certain times by the Church due to how they interpreted the Scriptures, but the message of Christ, to pin the fear of GOD, has kept this world from being overrun by evil.

Top atheists often say morality does not originate from Christianity, because people know what is wrong like certain animals.

Atheists often have some logic, reasoning, comparison, evidence, history, or anything to attack the Christian Faith.

Debates with them are often to accuse or show that the other side is prevaricating.

Basic morality, for example, isn’t even enough to make the world a better place.

Morality which – mostly – is an award for good enough doesn’t stop intermittent evil, or justifying it.

Morality is less than a pure heart.

The true Christian Faith doesn’t allow one to think about being better than others, neither does it allow hidden sin – even if it seems not to affect others.

Arguing about the origin of morality, to deny the Christian Faith is like comparing closing of the eyes, to having a deep sleep.

This logic is a type of easy comparison that lots of atheists are great at – to prove themselves right.

But just like the laws of demand and supply in economics, logic and reasoning are OK ceteris paribus.

Economics is established, but subject to all other things being equal.

For example, with COVID-19 lockdown, so much failed economically, because things weren’t equal.

So is the failure of logic, rationalization and reasoning when it comes to Christ.

Some humans are frighteningly intelligent, they can observe, understand, memorize, imagine, or create widely, yet of all these, and all human intelligence combined, humans are limited.

A simple example is when it is later known that a mistake was made. It may seem OK at the time, with all knowledge, advantage and understanding giving it a go, only to become a mistake later on.

Mistakes are greater than human intelligence.

Any genius who cannot understand that no matter how rare the intellect is, it is so limited, that genius is impaired.

The model of world’s progress is always beyond thinking or foreseeing accurately what most the future holds, as it was centuries ago, it is the same – now.

Life after death as stated in the Scriptures is true, but many refuse to believe, asking for evidence.

The credible people blame conspiratorial people for not obeying scientific facts to protect from coronavirus, yet atheists would be so sure of what they think they know, in their conspiracy.

Atheists love their ridiculous questions. They want evidence for Heaven, but where is the evidence on earth if any human being has an unknown intention?

Also, what is the value of atheism in solving deception?

Some say nothing in the Scriptures was by revelation, that it was just minds that put thoughts together.

At the points of evil, the words of atheists that perpetrators remember that leads them on, makes the world worse.

The vitriol on the internet, the vindictiveness by many in any direction for certain causes, the pain of parents by the actions of some of their teenagers, the evil in the news, etc. continues to say much.

GOD is a Spirit.

GOD allowed many of His people see through the Spirit, writing and telling – with great memory of it.

Microscopes and telescopes are scientific instruments as probes to see beyond the eyes ordinarily.

There’s a way some who don’t know about or understand the microscope or telescope would speak if told of results they showed, besides what they can rationalize.

JESUS died and resurrected. Christ is coming again.

JESUS is the Creator. Christ came during the Roman occupation of Israel. He came for Redemption through the Children of Israel. His goal was not to be connected to the Roman Senate or Emperor Tiberius.

Roman writers who didn’t see or notice was because Christ was focused on His purpose.

He wasn’t given to them. He was invincible – figuratively.

There are lots of known histories with conflicting stories, yet academics generally accept certain premises of major historic times.

However, when it comes to Christ, they ask questions not to understand, but discredit.

Science has had a few centuries of major conspiracies against the Christian Faith, now, it is the turn of massive propaganda, ethical breaches and conspiracy theories against science and technology.

Many who have hated Christianity would wish for their ability to recommend it, but may find it hard because of how they hated on it in the past.

Individuals have one century or about, are often in one place, limited by what can be seen, said, thought, heard, felt, smelled, etc.

But many are so sure about doubting Heaven, a non-telescopic dwelling of Yahweh.

Some use emotional arguments about children who died in disasters to question destinations of death. Why not use that same argument every time there is evil, or some hard wickedness by anyone?

Some say what is the point of it all, Creation, Christ and Rapture? Why not ask what the point is whatever a property owner decided to do with it.

Some talk about other religions and what faith is true? Religions should read the Sermon on the Mount.

[Matthew 5:44, But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you]

*** Written by Nneka Okumazie.