Pastor Enoch Adeboye

Life may not seem to matter to many or some, until they happen to be seeing or standing next to the dead.

The dead is not sleeping, resting, or temporality unavailable, but gone, left, out and over.

It is not a situation of coming back, or of reversal or just joking around.

At that point, or looking at that point, from other times, it is just to see how wonderful it is to be living, walking, breathing or just simply alive.

It may seem really uninspiring to many – desirous of status, power, health, etc. to talk about being alive, but somehow, being alive is greater than anything else – as nothing matters to the dead.

This thinking continuously, in the form it is – or say first principles, is what the Church reminds themselves about in gratitude to JESUS.

Such a miracle – being among the living; such a privilege for the ability to not just be gone. Yes, death is inevitable, but at any point, the authorization to be alive – remains a wonder.

The lack of popular knowledge to be grateful for life makes death or self-destruction seem like an option of preference to many, reckless and despondent towards harm – in hate for presence in life.

There are things that happen, while alive, or being able to do, that are just amazing.

For some, the advantage that is available but taken for granted, is what millions can’t muster.

For some, the ability for certain functions, that if stripped of approached familiarity, would be seen as magnificent to do.

For true Christians, it is often a lot of gratitude, a lot of rejoicing.

There are explanations and understanding of processes in science.

There are still more complexities beyond what studies have shown.

It is possible to speak scientifically and base most of life on logic.

But the wise – who fear the LORD, understand that the earth’s is the LORD’s and the fullness thereof.

The Church of GOD is a Church of first principles of thanksgiving, of worship and of wonder about the endlessness of the Maker of life.

Humans watch animals and see their weaknesses, so it is that humans too are seen and influenced by much else, especially of higher range.

It is possible to argue against this, seeking what evidence, or what observation?

One angle to look at is consciousness.

Scientists are still unable to agree what exactly it means: brain, breath, mind, senses or something else.

If consciousness is linked to the soul, then there must be a soul sphere – greater than this body world.

And if there is, the body is just a temporary container – which death catches and ends.

Consciousness or whatever, Genuine Christianity says to be thankful – always – for life.

[Psalm 86:15, But thou, O LORD, art a GOD full of compassion, and gracious, longsuffering, and plenteous in mercy and truth.]

*** Written by Nneka Okumazie.