Respect and pray on nature background

The expression more money than god, is common – when referring to the ultrarich. The exclamatory Jesus Christ! Or saying oh god, or god, in moments, situations or events are also common.

These may seem like referral, but has nothing to do with the Creator, the Savior, the Almighty Jehovah.

Just like people answer the name Jesús, referring to the individual, or some others for figures in religions or history – so is the diversion to something else, using god as an exclamatory, or Christ.

The Scriptures says to not call the name of the LORD in vain.

Some of these applications of similarities to the name of the LORD for trivialities goes against that, but more dangerously, hinged, to the idolatry of the moment.

This risk – equating mortals with the Eternal Father – is a problem of destruction many have.

It is possible to be talented in different areas. It is possible to be enabled with certain skills or have major privileges, but one thing is common to all, destruction, or the ability to live it.

There are so many behavioral patterns now explained by neurochemicals, neuro patterns, or neuro specificity.

There are reasons why somethings are liked, desired, hated or compulsive – connected to neuro. There are also situations that get people to do things they never thought. There are fears or rewards that prompt people to dangerous actions.

Though it is common to say a certain individual is a good person, or nice, or great, no one earth is completely good.

Not for known bad behavior, but what may be possible given neuro or situations.

Addictiveness oversees many, some are fortunate to be addicted to good stuff or less costly, but many more, not so.

Some worship their destruction, behaving and passing it on.

Since the brain often makes stuff normal, there is usually quest for contrast, to seek different no matter how absurd.

Then attach with those who accept the absurdity – or whatever the fad.

Destruction takes center for many – even when happy, or OK enough to not need it, but many careless, disregarding the fear of exposure or punishment.

Christianity wants the world to be a better place than all science and technology. Though, both are immensely valuable, but destruction, evil, bitterness, negativity, hate, greed, lust, violence, etc. lives on.

[Proverbs 10:29, The way of the LORD is strength to the upright: but destruction shall be to the workers of iniquity.]

*** Article by Nneka Okumazie.