There’s knowledge. There’s smartness or intelligence. Then there’s ideology or beliefs. The normalcy of life should have made belief a form of accurate ideology or say philosophy, but its vulnerability to false positives, conspiracy theory and propaganda has been responsible for ruining much through history.

There is often the philosophy of the day, that many believe, even some of the smartest of people.

The major ones in the last century were Marxism, communism and fascism, ideologies that drove lots of smart people into sham purpose, which at the time seemed right or like the true vision, only to become a costly mistake.

There were others, like capitalism, socialism, etc. that were also really problematic at all cost.

Ideology is more powerful than genius, just like knowledge is more powerful when it meets the right smartness.

Everyone is not equally smart in the different variations of smartness possible.

Some can hold knowledge to recall, some can interpret, some can understand well, some can connect knowledge, some can create it, etc.

Though unlike height, it is hard to fully measure the length of people’s smartness, but some are more than others, but, the best have others ahead.

Ideology, however, can make rubbish of smartness. And when the ideology is from propaganda, or conspiracy, it is worse for the carriers.

There is so much today, driving people, stoking them, multiplying in different forms, but are fake ideologies to nowhere.

It may take hold for more years to come, but the era – for many of the bearers would waste away.

Though it is possible to watch it from certain countries, and laugh, but internet makes anyone easily vulnerable to anything.

The problem with bad ideology is its ability to become a habit, such that when they forget what to do, they do what they’re used to.

For many who were caught in the vents of the past, looking back, some couldn’t understand what kept moving them, to think, believe or act in those ways.

There are several other things that drive people, like power, money, sex, addiction, stupidity, etc.

Though they sometimes seem colorful, it is not often what is needed – at least in solving certain problems. Anyone no matter how smart can also fall victim.

The smartest people, who thrive among the best, must know they’re vulnerable to ideologies and unknowns.

It is easy to measure against others, or find dent in others, but to keep seeing how far away one is, from knowledge – in comparison to unknowns and inexperienced, should anchor humility.

It is also important to measure what is the destruction that comes with this ideology?

Christianity is not an ideology, propaganda, conspiracy theory or indoctrination.

Yes, some people have used it for that or attached different stuff to it. But it is not.

Even if someone trying to understand or argue Christianity cannot read the entire Bible, the Books of Luke and Psalm can be read to learn about the Faith, or to know more – about Christ, and interpretation of life’s hardships.

Jehovah is far more than the Creator.

The continuous human exploration to points and locations continue to show that of all the wonders of nature that is seen, there’s more, there’s extra, it’s infinite.

Some argue that the design could also have been random, or not ordered, OK: says evolution that is on pause – for recorded history with known animals, not adding new features or growing into something else.

There are some people who seek JESUS, but looking for options unavailable. It is either obedience or not. The Word of GOD isn’t going to bend to anyone, no matter what patience is felt.

Just like many came to know what became of lots of wrong history and actions, some people will be privileged to see what becomes of the end of the current trends and the end of this world.

[Mark 12:1, And He began to speak unto them by parables. A certain man planted a vineyard, and set a hedge about it, and digged a place for the winefat, and built a tower, and let it out to husbandmen, and went into a far country.]

*** Written by Nneka Okumazie.