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Maybe the reason anyone does most things in this life is power.

Power, or the position of power, is more likely the pull for everyone, on most things.

Power directly or parallel can be found in purposes and objectives.

To hold power is a sweet spot, useful immediately – or not.

People are drawn to that status of what one human being wields. There are people that seek more, or go back for more. It can be interpreted with power.

Power brings control. To have control in a world where most things are not in one’s control is great capital.

Power also gives leverage among others with power. Battles are often over power, and battles are everywhere – internal and external.

It is often easy to point fingers or judge others in positions they never want to leave, but to refuse to see what power or pursuits are in one’s purview.

There are lots of chatters about the powerless, but no one on earth is absolutely powerless.

Life – breath of life – is power. It is possible to not be in certain positions, or have certain possessions but there are powers available for each individual.

There are power excavations all the time, with people looking for new ways to show their capability.

There are habits, desires, decisions, partnerships and agreements that have more to do with power than any other narrative.

The evolution of people – into another, or adding or removing a feature, or choosing how they be with others, etc. are people taking on power, driving elsewhere in a society.

People always say show of force, or no weakness, but wisdom comes with less dependence on the use of power, or disinclination.

For true Christians, it is to not show, use, or hope in own power. They know that All Power belongs to JESUS, and that anything else on earth, is a position, temporal – fleeting fast.

No matter what power seems available for any sin, it must be remembered that the wages of sin is death.

[Matthew 27:11, And JESUS stood before the governor: and the governor asked Him, saying, Art Thou the King of the Jews? And JESUS said unto him, Thou sayest.]

*** Written by Nneka Okumazie.