Assuming sex was designed to be private – between a man and a woman – after going through a declarative, recognized marriage process, does it mean that whenever there’s an alteration from this procedure, something is jumped, owed, unnatural – and consequential with unknowns?

If there seems to be reasons, arguments and demand subverting this process, does it mean that those holding on to the assumed design are outdated, or those doing the new thing evolved?

For humans, it seems there are parts and actions meant to be private. It also seems there are others meant to be public.

For actions allowed in public, it seems there’s an expectation of modesty, morals and ethics.

If someone eats recklessly in public, how is the individual seen, and if that individual felt free to do so, does it mean the general behavioral expectation for adults is flawed, or there should be no rules?

If there are places without rules, how far do people go, deviating from the original expectation of normalcy or design was?

Why do things generally get worst, when anything goes?

Looking through history, several desires aren’t new – but this time, the ease with which it becomes popular, makes likeness, experimentation and acceptance probable.

Is the world better or worse – regarding morality and decency?

Is the world also less tolerant, because it is easier to point fingers at something bad involving others but hard to acknowledge one’s weakness?

Why should it be normal to have sex outside marriage with the opposite sex, or to film it?

Why is masturbation excused to satisfy an urge, but some sensory urges are delayed or done right?

Does it mean that because something seems cool, comfortable, or like a shortcut, the patient process is unnecessary?

Why are there standards, quality, strictness in many products and services, but with sex outside marriage, anything goes?

Does it not seem important now, to adopt Scriptural wisdom and understanding about timeless matters of life, resisting the direction of strange trends or traditions?

There are so many things the mind thinks but the mouth does not, or should not say. Or bad ideas to never try and that are just plain wrong.

It means that there are many things possible – not against the law, but something one should not do.

Why does disgrace remind everyone of what is right or wrong?

Why is ignorance rarely an excuse, or blaming impulsivity?

Yes, temptations are everywhere, anyone can fall into deceit, but the wise are to trust the LORD, obey, watch and pray, standing out from others who:

[Psalm 78:56, But they kept testing and rebelling against GOD Most High. They did not obey His Laws.]

*** Written by Nneka Okumazie.

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