It’s disheartening to outline the burgeoning rate of oppressiveness and cruelty by the security operatives who claim to be spick and span, especially the military, towards the innocent citizenry in Abia, Aba to be precise.

Aba, which is seen by all, as a trading hub of the south east or perhaps as the big man of the eastern zone, has faced boundless number of unnecessary suppression. This town has, based on the demographic research, a fewer number of professionals and a limitless number of business denizens who care less about the basic responsibilities of security operatives in terms of distinction of roles.

Due to this fact, only the enlightened citizenry that make a handsome use of this distinction, often escape oppression and brutality of any sort from the cold hands of these callous personnel. While the rest are left with no choice than to give in or be ready to be black and blue. I became completely stupefied when I beheld a grotesque spectacle on my way to work, as one of the security operatives immodestly beaconed on one of the transit tricycles, demanding with full authority, a certain amount which the rider had pleaded like a fish out of water, not to have had at his disposal that moment. What transpired afterwards? He was completely abashed and kept by the road side till the said amount was completely paid. That is quite absurd.

What actually stirred up the hornet’s nest was the homicidal act by a security personnel – a military man – upon a common artisan, who normally made use of a tricycle to bring home the bacon for his family. This civilian bit the dust simply because he failed to respond like others. This was why a security personnel whose constitutional jurisdiction is highly specified, had seen him as a thorn in the flesh.

What makes it especially galling is the fervid intrusion of some higher officials without much action or retribution upon the personnel who has performed such an inhumane act. They (higher officials ) appear to be like barking dogs that seldom bite while the citizens dance with death periodically.

There is need for clearer specifications of duties. Constitutionally, the role of the military does not exceed defending the nation from external attacks, attacking the nation’s would-be enemies, protecting vital national interests, fulfilling other military national responsibilities etc. The military should not be threatening the lives of common denizens of the city simply because they have been disposed with certain prerogatives. No doubt, the works of these personnel do not appear cinch, having willingly volunteered their lives for the entirety of the nation, turning themselves into nocturnal creatures near entirely for the betterment of the nation in terms of safety. More power to their elbow.

Humbly, I suggest that an expedient action should be taken, less evasive one, To halt such a pernicious act from getting on in years to come. The military needs to beef up its already existing extant protocol for the betterment of the citizenry. There is a sheer need for the reawakening of thoughts of elites, men of valour, born to the purple in the state, whose words would make a giant stride that will surely help a lame dog over a stile.

*** Ehiogu Emmanuel Cyborg, a Political Historian.