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Nedu’s Wife Threatens Libel Suit Against Osama The Comedian

Mrs. Uzoamaka Ani, Osama the comedian and Nedu
Mrs. Uzoamaka Ani, Osama the comedian and Nedu

September 09, (THEWILL) – An Abuja-based law firm representing Mrs. Uzoamaka Ani, the embattled former wife of Chinedu Ani popularly called “Nedu,” the comedian and WazobiaFM and WazobiaTV On-Air-Personality, has threatened to sue a fellow humour merchant for defamation.

According to a letter dispatched electronically to Osama Akpunonu aka OsamatheComedian, he had up to seven days to withdraw the reportedly libellous material or face a court action if he failed to recant the defamatory material in three national newspapers.

The letter is dated 8th September 2021 and signed by Nancy Oghenefepo Onwa on behalf of the law firm, Wingman Legal, which posts its address as Wuse, Abuja.

In the unfolding drama between Mr. and Mrs. Ani, sparked by the lady alleging domestic violence, and the man responding by allegations of paternity fraud, Osama had weighed in to paint Nedu as the victim.

In social media postings, reproduced by online and traditional media, Osama took sides with his friend and fellow comedian and alleged that Uzoamaka had indeed been unfaithful to the point of foisting an extra-marital pregnancy on Nedu.

THEWILL got the full text of the letter emanating from the law firm, titled, “IN RE: LIBELOUS PUBLICATION MADE AGAINST MRS UZOAMAKA ANI (NEE OHIRI)” and sent by electronic delivery to Osama.

“We are Solicitors to Mrs. Uzoamaka Ani (Nee Ohiri) (“Our Client”) on whose firm instructions we make this demand.

“Our Client’s Profile

“Our client is a media professional who has built a profile as a staff of popular entertainment brand GRAY TIGER ENTERTAINMENT.

“In addition, she is an entrepreneur and founder of a confectionery brand, HAZEL CONFECTIONARIES.

“The Offensive Publication

“Our Client’s attention has been drawn to the recent publication on your Instagram channel (@osamacomedian) dated 4th September, 2021 and is currently being widely circulated in Nigeria and abroad by various blogs and online media platforms.

“In the said Instagram post, you portrayed our client as a cheat, a sham, a person of dissolute, decadent, profligate, undesirable and questionable character and background.

“It is untrue that our client was repeatedly unfaithful to her husband or that she had a child by her sister’s husband as your post falsely contends.

“These false, unfounded and disturbing defamatory statements are clearly accentuated with a motive to garner social media attention at the expense of our client’s reputation. These defamatory statements have been widely circulated on social media where you have numerous fans and followers.

“This defamatory story was cynically published on social media without regard for our client’s hard-earned reputation.

“The publicity sought by you has been relentless and limitless.

“The Consequent Damage to our client’s reputation

“The words complained of are not only malicious and untrue, but also constitute a mischievous and unconscionable attack on the person of our client. As a result of the publication, our client has been brought into public ridicule and inundated with vitriol, odium and scorn.

“Consequent upon this injurious publication, our client’s reputation has not only been assaulted but injured and damaged.

“Furthermore, her professional integrity as a staff of one of the leading entertainment brands, and her professional credibility built over the years through dedicated hard work, have been besmirched.

“No doubt, the published words, in their natural and ordinary meaning and/or by way of innuendo, meant and were understood to portray our client in a very negative light, discredit her and is not a true reflection of who she is, her character and her background.

“Our Client’s Demand

“In the circumstances, it is our client’s demand that you retract or cause to be retracted the said published words and tender an unreserved apology to our client by publishing the said apology in one full page insertion in three national dailies to wit: Punch Newspaper, The Sun and vanguard Newspaper and all your social media platforms including Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

“TAKE NOTICE that you have 7 (Seven) days upon receipt of this letter to comply with the above as failure to do the same will leave us with no other option but to set in motion appropriate legal machinery towards the redress of this injury to our client’s reputation. This shall be without further notice to you.