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Multi-Dimensional Artist Aluu Prosper To Exhibit at National Museum

National Museum, Onikan in Lagos.

August 01, (THEWILL) – For nearly two weeks from August 21, the art crowd in Lagos will have a chance to view works by multidisciplinary visual artist, Aluu Prosper, at the National Museum, Onikan in Lagos.

By the time te exhibits wraps up on September 3, Prosper will have demonstrated to all his distinct flair for “creating drawings and works that require the fusion of two and three dimensional art forms usually fusing fine oil paintings and sand in paintings that focus on Afrocentrism and Pan-Africanism.

Sculpture lovers will also have something to look at, as the artist insists there will be mounted works of “metal cuts on panel and photo realistic paintings on themthat portrays my life story as well as utilizing poetic descriptions for tthem.”

True, artists of any kind do have stories to tell the viewing public. What the y most is to show and not tell unlike writers. For the exhibition, the works to be shown are two different collections of the painter, sculptor’s arts. One is titled Zodiac and another is called Composition. Altogether, six works will be mounted for the expected viewers, four from the Zodiac collection and two from the Composition.

What are the viewers to expect? Prosper provides an answer: “The style of my art is a complete but abstract use of self portraits (paintings of myself) to describe and portray certain memorable qualities and aspects of my life.”