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Lionel Messi Hailed On PSG Jersey By ‘Fellow No. 30’ At Golden State Warriors, Steph Curry

Lionel Messi & Curry of Golden State Warriors
Lionel Messi & Curry of Golden State Warriors

August 11, (THEWILL) – The move of Lionel Messi to Paris Saint-Germain continues to cause ripples across the sporting community as football followers come to terms with the impact of the move and the consequences for European football but NBA superstar Steph Curry reached out to Messi on a completely different subject: the number 30.

THEWILL confirmed that the Argentine was going to wear the number on his shirt after the contract with PSG was officially confirmed on Tuesday night. Messi was pictured in the French capital throughout the day before the confirmation finally arrived from PSG.

A Wednesday Press Conference for the Paris Media was scheduled for the former Barcelona icon where he will be presented to the Press in his first public appearance as a PSG player.

However, Curry, who recently renewed his contract with the Golden State Warriors point guard, reached out to Messi via Twitter not for any other reason but the fact that they will now share the same jersey number while plying their gifted trade for their respective teams in their different sports.

Curry had previously been pictured holding a PSG jersey with his name and the number 30 on it, which was made in his honour as he is a supporter of the French football giants. Coincidentally, Messi had also been in a picture holding a Curry Golden State Warriors number 30 jersey.

With Messi taking up that same number as his own to begin his PSG stay, it was beautiful to see the Twitter post from Curry to which was attached the two pictures of himself and Messi with the “Curry 30” vests and the caption Curry added that read: “Messi has some good taste I see. Good luck at PSG my guy.”

It will add to Messi’s favourite wishes that have come from across the globe as friends, teammates, opponents and the sporting world wished him well in the new adventures awaiting him in France but more so because he is as much a fan of basketball as he is of Curry too.

THEWILL recalls that Messi began his glorious career with Barca as a number 30 before transitioning to the number 10 for which he was famous and which he used until his last game with La Blaugrana.

Many have called for Barcelona to retire the number 10 in Messi’s honour and it is an action that the Catalan side will do well to consider and effect soonest.