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Linda Ikeji Changes Son’s Surname

linda & jeremi

September 26, (THEWILL) – After years of waiting on Sholaye Jeremi to acknowledge his son, Jaycee, Linda Ikeji has decided to set fire to the rain and let the heavens decide if they want to fall or not. The renowned blogger changed her son’s surname to hers just in time for the toddler’s third birthday, which took place a few days ago. Nothing is new here. A lot of women give their children their maiden name when the child’s father refuses to acknowledge or take responsibility for the child.

Jeremi, who recently clocked 43, has refused to be identified with Linda, not to talk of acknowledging his child with her. During their dating period, Jeremi did all he could to not be seen with Linda in public. Not even when they were sighted by one of his friends in far away France, a year before she put to bed, did he acknowledge that they came into the country together or were in a relationship. No doubt, this is his modus operandi with women, a smooth operator who ‘unfortunately’ sired a son while in the mix with Linda. Before Linda, his last known relationship was with Alali Hart, a socialite and brain behind The Montaigne Place chain of stores. Theirs, for the period it lasted, was a hush-hush relationship. And while it didn’t produce a child, Jeremi ghosted Alali and pitched his tent with Linda, who repeatedly rebuffed his advances until she caved. They were so into each other, or so Jeremi acted, that he met her father and proposed marriage when she was three months pregnant. Unfortunately, he developed cold feet and started treating her with so much hate and aggression, prompting Linda to completely cut him off. Not only was Jeremi absent all through her pregnancy, Linda has had to take care of their son singlehandedly, hoping he would be man up enough to acknowledge him and take responsibility. The child is three years old now and Jeremi is carrying on without a care in the world.