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Kunle Afolayan Responds To Criticism For Using Non Actors In Movies

Kunle Afolayan

September 29, (THEWILL) – Nigerian filmmaker, Kunle Afolayan, who recently premiered his movie, ‘Anikulapo’, has responded to criticism on using non-actors in his movies.

Afolayan says he considers them minorities, as he isn’t bothered by their opinions.
“For me, I’m not bothered anymore about reviews and stuff. I just call them minorities if you didn’t like the film. Especially in this day and time when people can express themselves, people who actually like the thing can actually come out and say it.

“I don’t pay for reviews. Once I do a film and I’m done and me internally I am satisfied, I’m done. Anybody can have an opinion. Moreso, look at those films that they’re trashing. Mention 10 films in Nigeria that can stand the test of time and that you can tie to the makers of the film.

“If they say which film have you seen many times? Okay if they’re bad, why are people watching them ten times. It’s the same way I will say I’ve seen ‘Inglorious Bastards’ more than 10 times, I’ve seen ‘I Am Sam’ more than 5 times, I have seen ‘Forest Gump’ more than 15 times.

“These are 3 hours, 2:40 minute films, but I will sit down and I will watch. But of course, I’m sure when those movies came out, some people would have negative opinions and reviews, but it’s okay.

“But the sad thing is in Nigeria if they tell me to point at film critics. Film criticism means you have an understanding of film, not you judging somebody’s film from what you feel or how you think the film should have been done.

“So if anybody reviews, I look at the person and say okay where are you coming from? Also, most of the films you reference, ‘Mokalik’ – why did I use Simi? ‘Citation’ – why did I use Temi? I used Chidinma in ‘The Bridge.’ ‘Swallow,’ I used Niyola.

“Number one those films are for the intellectuals but it’s good to be busy, so it’s okay that you’ve taken your time to write a review. Again, I have seen a lot of reviews, the good, the bad, it does not matter. At this point, I am satisfied.”