Kim Kardashian: Media Compared My Pregnancy Figure To A Whale

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian

BEVERLY HILLS, March 06, (THEWILL) – American reality star, Kim Kardashian, has recalled her days of being bullied and body-shamed for gaining 60 pounds during her first pregnancy.

Kardashian disclosed this on Friday in a series of posts on her Instagram Stories.

According to the socialite, she was compared to a whale during the latter stages of her pregnancy in 2013.

She wrote: “I cried every single day over what was happening to my body, mainly from the pressures of being constantly compared to what society considered a healthy person should look like.

“As well as being compared to Shamu the Whale by the media.

Shamu referred to the mammal that used to perform at SeaWorld.

“I was shamed on a weekly basis with cover stories that made my insecurities so painful I couldn’t leave the house for months after. It really broke me.”

She stated that while watching a documentary on Britney Spears, she remembered how she empathised with the US singer. She stated that the media “can be very traumatising and it can really break even the strongest person”.

She added: “No-one deserves to be treated with such cruelty or judgment for entertainment.”