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It was only yesterday when Africans left their shores to study abroad, mostly in Europe and America but also in the Eastern and Middle-Eastern countries. Most came back well qualified as teachers, lawyers, doctors, accountants and engineers. Fast forwards, our youths are coming back home these days as terrorists and bragging about others they met in these religious fanatic camps. From Nigeria to Kenya, which is worse?

We are still struggling to get the facts out of Benishheik, Nigeria; while the latest mayhem in Kenya by the religious fanatics cowardly targeted innocent women and children. Their excuse this time is Kenya’s participation in keeping law and order in Somali. So they mistook battle field in Somalia for shopping mall in Kenya where innocent people were slaughtered. The dastardly act has grabbed world headlines.

If Africans cannot support their regions in Africa, where can they support? By warped logic, Africa should watch other Africans burn and be taken over by religious fanatics fighting for the same God. It is so sad that this happens even within the same country where so called fundamentalists would stop buses crossing from one state to the other asking passengers, their fellow brothers, if they are believers of foreign religions: Muslim and Christians.

Most of the developed and socialist countries have succeeded in curtailing nefarious activities of the religious extremists in their environment. Their success unfortunately has driven these devils into African countries. The problem here is that most of the developing countries simply lack the complicated and financial resources to take them on. They are so powerful, the have toppled governments.

Africa is being infiltrated by sponsored terrorism from outside as if the Continent does not have enough problem of its own. Security is expensive and it takes vital resources away from infrastructure, schools to keep youth educated and more productive for the challenges of the future; agriculture to feed themselves and other social and economic activities. Infiltrators are turning us against ourselves.

Guilty conscience is a powerful weight on humans no matter how callous we are. But visitors and ingrates overcome it by dehumanizing their hosts as subhuman, devil, retards deserving such treatment. It’s how we justified taking other men as slaves by defining them as three quarter human, infidel or animals that cannot feel pain. It is hard to pay anyone back that has been kind to you with pain unless you numbed conscience.

Wars, terrorism, wickedness and destruction of one another are accomplished by invoking and stimulating emotional hormones to block our better judgment. Sometimes they use drugs to speed up the process that can easily put them in a trance until some atrocity starts only to regret it just after. On the other hand, to justify injustice over a period of time, man look for ways to dehumanize man.

This is nothing but madness in faith. Those that cannot create a life of ordinary ant are taking that of human in the name of God, the Creator. Until people realize that they are victims of all types of religions not indigenous and firmly grounded locally, they will always be used as sacrificial lambs. Slaves, serfs and the poor were told their reward is waiting for them in heaven, while the oppressors inherit all the hedonism on earth.

Africa cannot be used as target practice and recruitment for suicide bombers, collateral damages and suppliers of essential elements for the development of weapons of mass destruction. It is unfortunate enough that every mineral that turned other continents into paradise on earth has turned Africa into a curse for Africans.

Ghana was Gold Coast, Cote d’Ivoire full of ivory, Sierra Leone full of diamond, Nigeria flows in oil and Niger rich in uranium etc. Yet none of these has become a blessing. They have created instabilities at home between ethnic warriors and attracted infliction of pain of the masses by outsiders. Africa just wants to be left alone to tend to and lick it wounds. As soon as we think we are catching our breath, another bomb falls.

When Kenya and Tanzania American embassies got hit by Terrorists, we cried and wondered why religious miracle believers of God that are supposed to care and elevate poor man would use their holy power to destroy. The President of Kenya came on television and admitted they have more problems on their hands than they can handle alone calling for assistance. They have not been compensated for the last disaster: Here.

The world has come to the aid of Kenya just as it did in Mali but Nigerians are behaving as if nothing is going on and are even becoming desensitized to daily bombing. The capital city of Abuja has been bombed many times. The security officers in Nigeria have already declared victory while Borno State victims are still crying for help.

Even assistance does not come without dues and tradeoffs. The intelligence officers of countries with the technology will take that advantage to snoop on recipient countries exposing their security to the outside world. So whatever we do, we still pay through our noses. Foreign assistance also comes with big contracts for companies supplying their hardware, goods and services.

Until we tackle religions and realize that it is another form of domination, we will continue to play catch-up. If we want God so bad, God is everywhere and nobody needs to import God from foreign countries.

Written By Farouk Martins Aresa