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I’ve Never Been In Love Even If I Had Sex, Says Amara Maduka

Amara Maduka
Amara Maduka

July 03, (THEWILL) – Nollywood actress, Amara Maduka, has stated that even if she often posts sensual pictures on Instagram, she has never been in love.

She said: “I have said this before, I have never dated anyone. And if some men claim they dated me, then I was not aware. I have never been in love. I don’t believe in what these men say. Do I have sex? Yes. But, have I dated? No. So, they can’t be ‘cheating’ on me when I’m not even dating them in my head.”

She also stated that society needs to ask questions on why sugar daddies see the need to be with someone else other than their wives.

She said: “Sugar daddies are human beings as well. How about we focus on why they feel the need to be with anyone aside their wife? They deserve to be happy. We all do. So, I have no words for them. Find your happiness and live it. I will not sit here and be a hypocrite.”

She disclosed this in an interview with The Punch

Maduka also disclosed that people were often intimidated by her because of her body.

She stated: “Men get intimidated by me, talk more of women. They do and honestly, they shouldn’t. I am just here to do good, show love and live my best life. I would rather focus on supporting and lifting women, even the ones I don’t know.”