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I’ll Never Drive At Night Again – Lizzy Gold Says After Experience With Traffic Robbers

Lizzy Gold
Lizzy Gold

July 06, (THEWILL) – Nollywood actress, Lizzy Gold Onuwuje, also known as Lizzy Gold, has stated that she will never drive at night again after her encounter with ‘dare devils’.

The actress took to her social media space and uploaded a video, where she narrated her encounter with traffic robbers.

According to the actress who is based in Delta State, she finished from a movie set and informed her friends that she had to travel to Enugu State to shoot a movie.

They advised her not to go as it was around 6:30pm and driving from Delta State to Enugu State wasn’t safe at night.

She had to convince them because the movie producer had been waiting for her to take her role for three days.

The actress embarked on the journey in the company of her personal assistant.

While moving in traffic, she heard a loud bang on her car and two men accused her of taking the wrong lane.

She wound down her window, and one of the men put his head inside her car and brought out a gun.

The man threatened her and she had to unlock her door, the man requested for all her valuables and instructed her not to scream, if she does not want to be shot.

They collected all her money and requested for her ATM, but she was reluctant to release it. One of the men gave her a slap and threatened to shoot again.

She revealed that she felt the urge to look at the gun when she saw some silver lining, which signified that the gun might be fake.

So, she started screaming and attracted passersby who stood at a close distance, but were also afraid of approaching her car because of the gun one of the men was pointing at her.

When the men noticed that they were been watched, they both left the scene in a hurry.

The actress thanked God and vowed never to drive late at night in her life again.

“They could have stolen everything, probably with a fake gun.

“I thank God that I am alive and they didn’t take everything from me”, she stated.