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I Was Doing Four Jobs Concurrently While Abroad – Illbliss


May 26, (THEWILL) – Tobechukwu Melvin Ejiofor, also known as Ill Bliss, has revealed some of the travails he went through when he relocated to the United Kingdom.

In an interview with Chude Jideonwo, the rapper revealed that at some point when he was abroad, he couldn’t pay his rent and he had to be moving from one place to the other, managing with friends.

He added that he worked at four places concurrently so as to meet up with his growing expenses.
He worked at a coffee factory as an industrial cleaner.

He also worked as a janitor in a school for children with down syndrome. He cleans the school every three hours.

He structured his life in such a way that each job would cater for a particular need such as rent, groceries, clothing etc.