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I Never Sent Thugs To Assault My Daughter’s Teacher – Mercy Johnson

Mercy Johnson-Okojie

October 22, (THEWILL) – Nollywood actress, Mercy Johnson, has refuted claims that she brought thugs to her daughter’s school to assault one of her teachers.
THEWILL had reported that the actress reacted on social media alleging that a teacher of Chrisland School, Victoria Garden City, Lagos bullied Purity, her 8-year-old daughter.

However, a social media user had instantly accused the actress of allegedly assaulting the teacher and bringing thugs afterwards to harm her.

In a follow-up live video, the actress filmed the headteacher to deny the accusations that she unleashed thugs on the staff.

“You’re the headteacher, did I meet you yesterday? No. Mrs. Blessing, did I come here with thugs? No. Did I fight anybody? No. That’s the headteacher. I didn’t meet her. All of you know I don’t look for trouble,” Mercy said.

“I don’t like drama. Even when they abuse me, I stay in my lane. But it’s my children I suffer for. It’s like they know our weak point is the press, so they use it against us. There’s somebody online saying I came with thugs.

“They said I beat up the headteacher when I’d never met the headteacher before. I’m very pained. We never had any altercation. The altercation was with the teacher. When I came two weeks ago, I just asked her something.

“She said, please excuse me (makes a disgusted face). I apologised and ask another teacher where the library was, since they said purity was there, so I could pick them. I mentioned to my husband how mean the teacher was.

“He dismissed it, saying some might and others might not like me due to the nature of my work. It was when I met Purity yesterday crying that I became concerned. She asked me if she could switch schools. I said no.”