Herders, Farmers Clash: ‘Let’s Unite To Flush Out Bad Eggs’

BEVERLY HILLS, February 21, (THEWILL) – Chairman of the Hausa Community in Edo State, Gbadamasi Sale, has called for the cooperation of every Nigerian to work with the security agencies in flushing out the bad eggs in their midst.

He made the call while reacting to the trending issue of calls from the southern part of the country that Fulanis should vacate that part of the country and return to their home states.

Sale stated that people should not be blinded into reacting negatively and calling for the relocation of Fulani just because some bad eggs among them have been at the centre of criminal actions.

He placed the Fulanis in three categories – those he described as the indigenous Fulanis who have lived with their hosts for a long period of time; those who travel annually down south to graze their cow every raining season and those who act as mercenaries to defend their brothers when they feel the need arises.

Going forward, he said: “When the indigenous Fulanis have any misunderstanding with their hosts they settle amicably. But the Fulanis who act to defend the interest of their brothers even without been invited to do so travel with a few cow which they use to carry exhibits.”

He called on the federal and state governments to seek for the support of leaders of the indigenous Fulanis who will not want the cordial relationship between them and their host to be destroyed.

Sale said that he was opposed to the clamour for Fulanis to vacate wherever they are in the southern part of the country and return to their home states as this could have ripple effect on southerners living in the midst of Fulanis in the north.

He also charged the security agencies to investigate how the criminal Fulanis get sophisticated weapons which they brandish openly as the poor Fulanis do not have the means to acquire such sophisticated and expensive weapons.