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Oyin Adeyemi Recoils Into Shell As Scramble For Her Affection Reaches Feverish Peak

Oyindamola Adeyemi
Oyindamola Adeyemi

BEVERLY HILLS, April 05, (THEWILL) – No doubt business woman, Oyin Adeyemi is remarkably different. She cuts brilliant portraits of genius and modesty. Unlike too many of her female counterparts in top positions of business, wielding the shot, she is not haughty or guilty of false modesty, a trait that many in her position suffer a dearth of.

That she is done very well for herself would be just putting it mildly. She is the founder and Group Managing Director of Still Earth Group, chairperson, Tirex Petroleum and Energy and founder Still Earth Capital Partners Limited.

Unhindered, she has nurtured her passion for business exploits. Stoked by a hunger to succeed, she defied the odds of ambition and the usual elements that sometimes mitigates against women from breaking the glass ceiling.

Oyin had an epiphany about her future quite early in life with the realisation that she could not bear to serve another man for too long or play underling to any man or woman as she never believed in wasting her most productive years in building another man’s dreams.

Unknown to many, she found time to unlock her inner passion and gave love a chance. She has however moved past that stage for obvious reasons, preferring to channel all of her energy to building a formidable empire.’

Little wonder many Nigerians, near and far-flung, are eager to know who Oyindamola Adeyemi truly is This palpable and pervasive anxiety is expected because of her self-effacing and self-deprecating nature