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Faulty Landing Gear Forces Ibom Air Aircraft To Disembark 128 Passengers At Cargo Apron


August 6, (THEWILL) – There was panic amongst the 128 air passengers who boarded Ibom Air Aircraft from Abuja to Lagos on Saturday, as the aircraft was forced to disembark all the passengers at the cargo apron of Murtala Mohammed International Airport (MMIA), due to faulty landing gear.

Ibom Air flight IAN 4157, departed Abuja Airport to Lagos on Saturday morning, but developed fault while taxiing to disembark its passengers.

A passenger, who spoke to THEWILL stated that she was afraid when the aircraft taxied to the cargo apron instead of the usual domestic terminal, where they were supposed to have been disembarked.

The passenger, who spoke on condition of anonymity, alleged that the aircraft may have suffered hydraulic failure to its landing gear.

According to the source, the aircraft departed Abuja to Lagos at 10:30 am, but malfunctioned before the conclusion of the flight.

The passenger further hinted that the aircraft landed in Lagos, but the occupants were evacuated from the runway through the airside buses.

Confirming the incident, Aniekan Essienette, General Manager, Marketing and Communication, Ibom Air, said that the incident occurred on its Airbus A220 aircraft.
He also said that all the affected passengers were disembarked at the Cargo Apron of the Murtala Muhammed International Airport (MMIA), Lagos.

Essienette stated that the flight departed on time and landed normally at the international runway in Lagos, on schedule at 11:41 am.

According to her, on taxiing off from the runway, the pilots noticed an indication from the main wheels, which suggested a malfunction.

She added: “In accordance with company procedure, rather than taxi the full distance to the domestic terminal, the crew opted to turn off into the international cargo apron from where stairs and buses were positioned to disembark the passengers and take them to the domestic arrival hall.

“All 128 passengers on board were safely disembarked and transported to the arrival hall at MMA2, while our engineers worked on the fault.

“This statement is given to clear any ambiguity, while expressing our regrets to our passengers for the inconvenience”, the airline stated.