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Father Mbaka: Buhari Rejected 3 White Experts I Took To Him, With Gadgets To Stop Petrol Imports And End Insurgency In 1 Month

Father Ejike Mbaka.
Spiritual Director of Adoration Ministry, Enugu, Father Ejike Mbaka.

BEVERLY HILLS, May 03, (THEWILL) – Spiritual Director of the Enugu-based Adoration Ministries, Father Ejike Mbaka, has joined issues with Mallam Garba Shehu, Media Assistant to President Muhammadu Buhari, who alleged that the clergyman reverted to prophesying against his formerly favoured regime because it failed to award a contract to a trio he lobbied Aso Rock for.

Shehu’s vituperation came following the Catholic Priest’s last Wednesday homily that God had turned against Buhari over the President’s failure to curtail the flame of killings raging across the land.

In reaction to the revelation by the Media Assistant to the President, Mbaka confirmed that indeed he took three white men to Aso Rock because they proffered a swift and professional solution to petrol importation, insurgency and insecurity.

THEWILL has here excerpts from what Mbaka said in a new video: ““Here is Nigeria that if you say the truth, you will be attacked. I am not discouraged. I have been waiting for them to challenge any of the things I say. I am ready for them. You allow the truth to be hidden, and you attack the person who says the truth. You don’t attack the messenger, challenge the truth.

“Father Mbaka’s voice came from the spiritual. What I am saying is unchallengeable…. Anybody who is challenging that message is challenging the voice of thunder and should be careful.

“God loved us and saved us from Corona, now our leaders have become the Corona we are suffering.

“And when they talked about the giving of contract, I don’t want to talk about that because it is a laughable, childish accusation. Whoever is saying that is a shame to himself and shame on the people he is representing.

“Father Mbaka… is a job provider. Those that are benefitting from me directly, direct salary earners are 23,000…. I am helping the church through labour provision to win souls.

“The person who is challenging Father Mbaka, how many people are you feeding? So if I talk you talk because the government is paying you. Do you know how many people I am paying?

“Someone said he gave Father Mbaka a contract; I started laughing. I am not here to defend anybody’s stupid allegation but God used that man (Garba Shehu) to tell the world that the Buhari government is not giving me money. Shehu, God bless you for telling everybody you didn’t give me a contract.

“The three men he (Garba Shehu) talked about, these were the three men that I recommended to the government; they wanted to tackle insecurity; they had the gadgets. That was during the first administration.

“They were white men (Ndi Ocha). They said they will help them in conquering insecurity in this country in under one month. This was under Abba Kyari. I don’t know these people; they just came to Enugu and said whether I could help them reach the government. And how Nigerians had been shipping their oil out, refining them and bringing them back, they said that we are losing. They said they had all it takes to revive the oil apparatus in the country and get the whole youth employed. And the issue of killing, killing and insecurity will die. These are the three people they rejected their offer.

“And they reported that they denied me a contract; which contract? Do they know how many people I feed? Do they know how many widows I am paying their house rents? Do they know how many people I am paying their school fees both home and abroad? If an individual, a Priest who has no biological child can be doing this, the Federal Government should do more.”