Lagos Hospital Accused Of Mismanaging Chef To Death After N3.5m Fee

Peju Ugboma
Peju Ugboma, the Lagos-based pastry chef

BEVERLY HILLS, May 11, (THEWILL) – In search of justice for their wife, sister, daughter and mother of two, the family of Mrs. Peju Ugboma, the Lagos-based pastry chef, has blamed the management of Premier Specialist Medical Centre for mismanaging her till she died.

The family disclosed this in a statement, revealing it paid a total of N3.5 million in fees, in the course of doctors at the hospital performing an elective surgery on the deceased who was suffering from fibroid and up to her unfortunate death.

According to the family, Ugboma went into the hospital herself unaided while all necessary tests, including an electrocardiogram (ECG), Packed Cell Volume (PVC) as well as COVID-19 disclosed that she was okay before the surgery.

It stated that preliminary tests also disclosed that her vital organs were normal as she had no pre-existing conditions prior to the surgery.

The statement disclosed that after they deposited the sum of N1 million, the surgery took place on April 23 and was carried out by medical personnel at the hospital.

It further revealed that a day after the surgery, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of I Luv Desserts had told her husband that she was having severe abdominal pain.

The family disclosed that the husband initially thought that the development was not unusual, because she just had surgery but raised concern when he noticed that her blood pressure had dropped to as low as the range of 50/30.

The statement narrated: “However, her blood pressure had dropped to as low as the range of 50/30. The doctors then gave her blood transfusion because she had lost a lot of blood during the surgery.

“Early on Saturday morning, she told her husband that the veins on her hands had collapsed and the hospital wanted to give her fluids on a vein close to her neck and collarbone.

“She also mentioned that the doctors said her kidneys were not functioning optimally, and a Consultant Nephrologist had been called in to come in that Saturday morning.

“This was a shock to them both as all tests prior to surgery were fine. The Consultant eventually came in as scheduled but dismissed both their concerns.

“By Saturday evening, she had been given 3 pints of blood. It’s worthy to note that none of the gynecologists who performed the surgery attended to her throughout that Saturday despite all her pain and concerns expressed by her husband.

“That same Saturday evening, her blood pressure dipped further. The doctor told her husband that they would need to move her to the ICU. He was asked to pay an additional N1.5 million before she could be moved to the ICU and he paid the money without delay. Peju was admitted into the ICU immediately after payment.

“The doctor then told her husband that he needed an additional 3 pints of freshly donated B+ blood, as Premier Specialist hospital did not have any in the Hospital’s blood banks.

“This left him with no choice but to go on a blood donation drive from friends and family. Several donors were screened and they donated a total of 9 pints of blood that night.

“As this was going on, Peju kept complaining of severe pains, and her eyes had turned yellowish. At about midnight that Saturday, she was sedated intravenously. By 6.30 am on Sunday, her husband was surprised to find out that his wife had been placed on a respirator.”

The family disclosed that amid the worsening condition of the deceased, her husband had reached out to a UK-based consultant gynecologist who had requested to speak with the doctors at the hospital.

The statement revealed that the medical expert had disclosed that the deceased must have experienced severe internal bleeding and needed to operate immediately to stop the bleeding.

The family alleged that the doctors at the hospital did not heed to this advice.

The statement continued: “Premier decided to move Peju to a hospital where she could have a CT Scan and possible dialysis. By 10 am on Sunday, her husband was informed that his wife would be moved to Evercare Hospital, Lekki Phase 1. However, it took 3 hours before she was moved to Evercare.

“Immediately she arrived there she was met by their medical team and taken to the ICU. Her husband was asked to pay another N1 million at Evercare, and he made the payment immediately.

“The head of the ICU detected that Peju did not have a pulse and emergency CPR commenced immediately. This failed and she was pronounced dead by 2.20 pm on Sunday.”

The family also disclosed that after the death of Peju, the hospital tried to stifle efforts to have an independent autopsy conducted on her body.

According to the family, an eventual independent autopsy carried out by pathologists at Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH) “with credible observers and Premier hospital in attendance revealed that Peju suffered internal bleeding.

It added that it “was discovered that she had about two litres of blood in her abdomen and pelvic area.”

The family said, “it is shocking to note that Premier hospital was negligent enough not to pick this up and save her life.”

Her death, the family said, “has left behind two heartbroken little girls, a grieving husband, and an aged mother and countless loved ones.”