English FA Mulls Plan To Add Scottish Teams To EPL And Rename It British Premier League


BEVERLY HILLS, April 22, (THEWILL) – There are changes taking place in and around football recently and one of the most striking for followers of the English Premier League is a plan by the English Football Association to morph the current Premier League structure into the British Premier League, which will see teams from Scotland participate in the new British Premier League, as a broader competition.

These are contained in the FA’s plans to remodel the EPL into a more compact format that will result in cutting the number of participating teams from 20 to 18 and reduce the number of matches a seasonal cycle will have, as a result, as it is in the Bundesliga, Germany’s top flight football division.

THEWILL recalls that Gianni Infantino, President of world football governing body, FIFA, is pleased with the inclusion that a British Premier League will have as he already supports the innovation with his proclivity for “cross-border leagues”.

The political undertones of such a move will be beneficial to Boris Johnson, the British Prime Minister, as he will hope to take every help he can get in warding off the growing agitation for Scottish independence and the introduction of these Scottish teams into English League games may help in that regard.

The proposition to add Scottish teams Celtic and Rangers to the Premier League has already been approved by the top six clubs in England but the development was overtaken by the football upheaval generated by the announcement of the involvement of the top six in the now defunct European Super League.

The lot of Manchester United, Manchester City, Arsenal, Tottenham, Liverpool and Chelsea were initially subscribed to the European Super League and had to belatedly withdraw after the overflowing of negative reactions to the project, especially from the fans of the game across domestic capitals and abroad.

Bringing in Scottish sides will offer followers of the football matches between these sides a sense of the unity of Great Britain as Welsh teams, particularly Cardiff City and Swansea, have actively participated in the English Premier League even though they are from Wales, all the while. In fact, Swansea won the 2013 English League Cup now known as the Carabao Cup.

Now that there is an addition of Scottish teams to the Premier League, the likelihood of getting teams from Northern Ireland is higher than at any time every before and that will be the best representation of a truly and realistic British Premier League.