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Edo Seals Unapproved Event Centres In Residential Areas

Edo State Commissioner for Physical Planning, Urban and Regional Development, Isoken Omo, during the sealing of an unauthorised event centre along Ihama Road by Freedom Junction, in Benin City.

September 19, (THEWILL) – The Edo State Government has warned owners of event centres in the state to secure proper approval for such facility before commencing operations.

Edo State Commissioner for Physical Planning, Urban and Regional Development, Isoken Omo, who issued the directive, said the Government will seal any event centre operating without approval.

She said the move is part of efforts aimed at eliminating nuisance from designated residential areas in the Benin metropolis.

The Commissioner spoke after sealing an unauthorised event centre on Ihama Road by Freedom Junction in Benin City.

She said the event centre does not have the required facilities needed to operate such a facility in a residential area.

“There is an event centre here that is being used illegally for events with no noise protection, no traffic arrangement and no parking. I have spoken to the owner of this place on several occasions to come and get approval but she has refused. So, we’re permanently sealing the place”, she said.

Omo urged operators of clubs and relaxation spots to visit the Ministry for approval as the ministry has received several petitions about the noise and traffic nuisance generated from these spots.

Warning members of the public to demand approval of event centre before booking event centres, she said, “The people that have approval from the Ministry are those who would abide by the terms and conditions of that approval so the place would have been developed or constructed to take into cognizance the issues of noise and traffic nuisance.

“This is a notice to the public as well. For event centres, we have told them that if they want to use their places that are within residential areas that are not designated as commercial, they should come to get the right approval, get soundproofing for the noise and make sure that there is adequate parking space.

“For members of the public not to be swindled of their money, whenever you’re going to use an event centre, ensure that the centres have approval from the Ministry.

“If there’s no approval, please do not use it because we will be going around on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays and anytime there’s an occasion. If the place does not have approval, we will seal it. So, please, work with us so as not to make Edo State, Benin City, in particular, a slum out of our attitudes and the way we take things.

“Members of the public should be aware that going forward, if we approach anyone who does not have approval for an event centre, we will seal it when the event is on. Be cautioned.”