Don’t Cry For Hushpuppi, He’s A Billionaire Crook – Police Spokesman, Frank Mba

Ramon Olorunwa Abbas, 37, aka Hushpuppi.

SAN FRANCISCO, July 10, (THEWILL) – Nigeria Police Force spokesman, Mr. Frank Mba says alleged international cyber-crook, Ramon Olorunwa Abbas, popularly known as Ray Hushpuppi, is a billionaire crook that doesn’t deserve anyone’s sympathy.

He stated this in a radio programme on Thursday noting that the ‘Instagram celebrity’ could acquire the services of the best lawyers in the United States but he believes that the US government’s evidence against is water tight.

He said: “I think Hushpuppi will enjoy the privileges of being tried in a free world, liberal democracy. I also have no doubt about his capacity to pay for the best of lawyers. He’s a billionaire crook.

“But the good thing about the law is that, when the facts are so clear, they speak for themselves. As long as the prosecution is able to establish their case, the judge would rule in their favour.

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“However, if the prosecution is unable to prove their case, then the benefit of the doubt would be given to the suspect, although I doubt if that would happen in Huspuppi’s case.

“Because there is massive multilateral collaboration still working on that case and putting evidence together. I’m not going to weep for Huspuppi and I say no one should.

“Hushpuppi is just one out of the cyber crooks out there not just in Nigeria but all over the world. The feat that was achieved by the Dubai police wasn’t of their effort alone.

“It was actually an international collaboration that ran across multiple security and policing agencies, with Interpol and the FBI playing a very big role. The Dubai police only took the lead.

“They were policing a country where Huspuppi is based and where a bulk of his activities emanated from. The national bureau of Interpol domiciled in Abuja has a very strong cybercrime unit.”