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Desist From Changing Ladies Like Handkerchiefs, Evangelist Bamiloye Tells Men

Mike Bamiloye
Mike Bamiloye

September 18, (THEWILL) – Popular Christian film-maker and evangelist Mike Bamiloye has warned young men against ‘changing ladies like handkerchiefs,’ saying that such men would lose in the end.

Bamiloye, the founder of Mount Zion Faith Drama Ministry, disclosed this in a recent Instagram post. He said men should make the right decisions in their marriages.

He wrote: “Get it right from the start. Right from the foundation of Samson, he had been falling in love with a wrong woman.

“The first woman he would ever fall in love with was the Philistine lady in the vineyard of Timnath, who was being guided, so to speak, by a young lion (Judges 14). The marriage ended up in crisis and collapsed.

“Then, we read that he had affairs with the harlot of Gaza. The last major crisis was the affair he had with Delilah of the Valley of Sorek.

“Young Men of this generation, don’t gamble or casino with women. It is not a joking matter. If you think the definition of enjoyment is to change ladies like handkerchief, you will be the loser in the end.

“No man has ever won the game with women. Ask Samson, Solomon, Judah and Tamar.

“Young man, if you truly have a vision and mission to fulfill for God in your generation; If truly you want to fulfill purpose and confirm destiny, get it right in the place of marriage.”