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Congress Crisis: Plateau APC Warns Faction Leader


October 22, (THEWILL) – The Plateau State Chapter of the All Progressives Congress, APC, has warned a claimant to a faction in the Party who has been protesting the manner of conduct of last week’s congress in the State, Ishaya Itse, to desist forthwith from parading himself as Chairman of a faction in the APC, or find his way out to another party.

In a press statement by the State Publicity Secretary of the APC, Sylvanus Namang, the APC warns Itse against pulling a wool across the face of an unsuspecting public.

The Statement said “the APC in Plateau state would want to caution the impostor or so-called factional Chairman of the APC in Plateau state to stop the tissue of lies he has been peddling with a view to pulling the wool across the eyes of unsuspecting watchers of events.”

According to the statement, Itse “claims that he paid for nomination form and was denied its issuance”, and challenged “him to show to the media who remain neutral and whose services are available to all times evidence of such payment and to which bank or shut up” .

“He and his co-travelers should not unnecessarily continue to mischievously overheat the system. Perhaps he paid to the opposition party which has been passionate about pursuing his case or he might have been swindled by some 419ers”, the statement observed.

The statement noted further that”if he has any sponsors in the APC,, he should by now realise that he has since been abandoned and he is left all alone to lick his own wounds”.

The APC said Itse “is at liberty to move to the PDP which is already a house divided against itself without faking the impression of being an APC member as he has since been booted out by his Jos Jarawa Ward. The APC remains a party of progressive-minded democrats whose dispute resolution mechanism is second to none”.

” Ishaya Itse’s ranting is an attempt in futility as it cannot take him anywhere beyond the mobile office that he operates”the statement concluded.