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Celebrating Exit of A National Cultural Icon, Chief Olabode Oladimeji Akindele

Chief Olabode Oladimeji Akindele
Chief Olabode Oladimeji Akindele

September 06, (THEWILL) – Recently, Nigerians and non Nigerians gathered at Bay Lounge Event Center, Lekki to celebrate the one year memorial service of late Chief Olabode Oladimeji Akindele,the Parakoyi of Ibadan.

Explaining the purpose of the ceremony, Mr. Ladi Akindele, who is the eldest among the two sons of late Chief Olabode Akindele told THEWILL that his father passed on by this time last year and exactly one year.

He therefore, pointed out that it has become very necessary to have a first year memorial celebration for his late father.

Akindele said “and I decided to have this one year memorial.  He was an icon and  still an icon. I was out of the country when he died, so I was unable to make it when he was buried and so the memorial is to say goodbye” .

Akindele who revealed that he had a special kind of love for his father, while growing up, said that Paragoyi  of Ibadan is very likely the highest chieftaincy title in the land,

Narrating his youthful years and the role he played during his father’s coronation, Mr. Akindele  said “my father and I were beside each other throughout the period of his coronation. We were indeed very close.

Akindele the first son of late Ibadan Paragoyi was just seven years as at the time of coronation but could recount every single event that took place at that time. They have therefore built a very strong bond that existed  until the day Paragoyi transited.

Speaking at the event, he said “I  am happy to see all my friends and a lot of memories came back to me. My father had taken Nigeria culture worldwide”.

“Chief Akindele was a very proud Nigerian. While a lot of people struggle these days to say they are proudly Nigerians, Akindele had since imbibed the culture of being a true and a proud Nigerian.

According to the son, the late Akindele property in Spain was at some point named Nigeria’s house, in an environment where we as kids in those days will be the only black people in that area.

Extolling the virtues of his father, he said “My father is a very strong personality and I will say he’s larger than mine. He didn’t need to do anything for anybody to know the consequences of his action. He does not need to say anything for anybody to know he was there, he was the kind of man who just needed to be there.”

On social media, Akindele said “I believe is very important for people not to lose the values that existing for social media which like having family moments and family celebrations and not just for the head but for the family should come together when any member has a birthday, not only when the head has a birthday”.

According to him, social media is very important and it can be very distorting, adding that a lot of people are on social media for different reasons.

“For  me, I will say people need to be very careful and for them not to be drawn by  activities on social media because it will make  you do things that are not becoming of you”, he advised.

Among the officiating pastors at the memorial service were  Pastor Dele Balogun, Pastor Kayode Faseyi, Pastor Kingsley Bature, and Pastor Ekpen Osagie.

The  service featured events such as  guests arriving, opening prayer, worship, hymn: in Christ alone, Bible reading; 2 Corinth 1:3-4, charge, prayer for the family, closing hymns;: Standing on the promises of Christ my King and closing prayer.

The Highlight of the memorial service was the rendition performance of the choir.