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Andre Schurrle Says He Lost Jose Mourinho’s Trust At Chelsea


Former Chelsea forward Andre Schurrle says he left the club because of a breakdown in his relationship with manager Jose Mourinho.

The 24-year-old signed on a permanent deal for Wolfsburg in February, and has revealed that he felt Mourinho no longer trusted him.

Schurrle also believes it is difficult for young players to cut it in Chelsea’s first team and suggested that Eden Hazard is treated as a favourite; always assured of his first-team place.

The Germany international said: “There was a time in my second season when I felt I didn’t have the manager’s trust anymore.

“I don’t know why Mourinho didn’t trust me. It all felt a bit weird to me. It was up and down the whole time. I didn’t get any consistency from the manager, so found it hard to produce my best.

“That’s probably the biggest reason I wanted to leave.

“It’s difficult for young players at Chelsea because they’re a big team with big stars. It’s not easy to play every match.

“It’s even harder for the wingers as there are only two in the team and Eden plays always, as he’s the best player in the league.

“So you have one position on the right wing which was between Willian, Oscar, myself, sometimes Juan Mata, occasionally Kevin De Bruyne.

“The other thing is that Eden is given more freedom so the other winger has to work even harder. You have to work for that freedom, and Eden deserves it as he creates everything up front.

“He scores goals and makes assists so it’s right he should have that freedom.”