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Ambazonian Separatist Leader Warns Compatriots To Leave Cameroon

The leader of Ambazonia Governing Council (AGovC), Dr Cho Ayaba

October 21, (THEWILL) – The leader of Ambazonia Governing Council (AGovC), Dr Cho Ayaba has called on his compatriots from southwest Cameroon who prefer to be called Ambazonians, to immediately leave the French speaking part of Cameroon since their security is no longer guaranteed.

Ayaba in a statement issued in Calabar, Cross River, said the call was necessitated by the wanton killings of his people in southwest Cameroon by forces loyal to President Paul Biya.

“I am informed of the killing of a couple of Ambazonian civilians in La Republique du Cameroun. This is a worrying development coming in the wake of hate speeches against our people.

“I ask Ambazonians living in Cameroon to be vigilant and to take active steps to increase their security. Threats and acts of intimidation should be reported to authorities of the Ambazonia Governing Council. This will enable us to monitor these threats and to make determination when to ask Ambazonians to leave Cameroon.

“All Ambazonians living in Cameroon must put in place contingency plans to leave the territory of Cameroon”, he said.

Ayaba maintained that their resistance against Cameroon will intensify until the last remnants of its forces are flushed out of their homeland.

Meanwhile, another group of Cameroonians in Calabar has begged Nigeria and the United Nations (UN) agencies to save their lives.

Their spokesman, James Ncheng , on Thursday said there is the urgent need for powerful countries like neighbouring Nigeria as well as the United Nations to intervene in their crisis as their compatriots who cannot flee may soon be exterminated.

“The UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, United Nations Human Rights, Human Rights Watch, United Nations Human Rights Central Africa Regional Office, Canada’s Office of Human Rights, Freedoms and Inclusion and the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights must take special note of this grievous happenings and halt such animosity against our people, the refugees and IDPs”, he said, adding that there has been targeted killings of innocent Southern Cameroonians in French speaking Cameroon territory.